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I am exhausted.

I got home from the local ren faire not long ago.  My legs are rubber, my eyes hurt, I’m sweaty, and I had a blast.  I saw new performers this time, and got myself a few nice souveniers, and now, my biggest goal of the night is to crawl into a bed and stop moving for about ten hours.  If you have a ren faire near you, you should go.  Find the Washer Well Wenches.  Buy a dragon.  Dress up.  Overload yourself with the sights, sounds, and taste of fantasy land.  It’s about the only place where you can walk up to someone and ask “Excuse me, could you help me adjust my wings?” without anyone being weirded out.

Yeah, I know, no story today.  I am too exhausted, and I’m surprised I just managed to spell words over two syllables, let alone write actual sentences.  Good night, lovely readers, good night.

If you’re heartbroken not to have words to read, I suggest checking out my friend, Chibi’s blog.  Her writing style is quite different from mine, but very enjoyable to read.

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Visiting a Chapel

Continued from Much Ado About Treason.

It didn’t take long after being summoned for the two guilty parties to arrive at the small, empty chapel.  It was noon, and neither had any proper business there.  The chapel was a mile out from the imperial city, and barely had room for three people to stand– especially if two of the three were overweight.

Nervously, the two men looked around.  Finally, the first, slightly younger than the other spoke up. “I got your message, Huzho.”

The second, Huzho, paused. “You were the one that summoned me.” Read the rest of this entry »

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Do you all like my recent stories?  Do you have any questions about them?  I’m more than happy to answer any time.  If you would rather not ask in public in the comments, I have a brand new contact page.  I’d love to hear from all of my readers, so please don’t be shy.  I really would love to hear from you!

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Much Ado About Treason

Continued from Family Pests.

 It was a dark, peaceful midnight.  Nikho leaned against his tower bedroom’s railing and looked down at the garden below.  In the distance, beyond a few suspended hallways, he could see the small figure of a lone gardener trimming a tree.  The discussion after dinner still left a bitter taste in his mouth, and though he had excused himself on an early morning, he couldn’t find the peace to close his eyes, let alone stay on his bed.  He let the wind blow through his long, untied hair.  Were he any thinner, he might have worried about being blown from the balcony by his voluminous nightshirt.

The damned thing was a horrible yellow, stained by a one-time lover’s attempt at washing it.  With a slight smile, he moved a hand from the smooth stone and onto the light fabric that the wind tugged against his skin. Read the rest of this entry »

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Family Pests

Continued from Second Stage: Anger.

“Aah!” The princess screamed as she slammed her fists against the elven monk. “I hate him!” She banged against his chest continuously as he stood in place, mouth agape as he stared down at her.

“What happened?” Slowly, the monk scratched his head.  He had no idea how he came to be her servant, yet still wore brown.  He cautiously wrapped his arms around her shoulders, careful not to crush the stiff cloth shoulder pads.

She gripped his shirt, and clumsy fingernails scraped his chest. “I hate him!” Read the rest of this entry »

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Second Stage: Anger

Continued from Stress and Chocolate.

It had been a week since the day of mourning, and the Princess was significantly less morose, however she still was not how Ehla recalled her.  The young woman snapped at courtiers or petitioners who talked for too long.  She made threats and went through with them.  Her brow always seemed furrowed when she sat on the imperial throne, and she only rarely smiled.

Ehla approached the head priest.  As usual, he wore all browns with some few whites.  He wore modest shoulder pads, and bared his arms like anyone with power.  The man blinked as she approached him in his study.

“Ehla?  It’s been some time.  Has someone been approaching you again?” His voice was soft despite his hard face.  He waved a hand toward the chair and stood. “Please, have a seat.” Read the rest of this entry »


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Stress and Chocolate

Continued from Silky Woman.

With a laugh, the princess spun, only to stop short at the sight of Ehla.

“Princess?” The chambermaid stared a moment. “What are you doing?  I’ve been looking everywhere for you.”

The shorter woman let her arms drop. “He’s showing me bubbles.” The imperial heir’s shoulders slowly slumped, as though certain she would be scolded. Read the rest of this entry »

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