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Sweat dripped down Ahbi’s caramel-colored back.  Her white, short chiton was nearly transparent with sweat as she grappled with a man in leather armor who stood a whole head taller than her own impressive height of six feet.  Her hands were locked with his, and with no-kicking rules in place, neither seemed able to disconnect safely.

Flashing cameras distracted her and her opponent for a moment as the viewers held their smart phones aloft, trying to zoom in on the best possible shot of the fight.

Ahbi took a risk.  It wasn’t green by the rules, but it wasn’t forbidden, either.  She ducked and lunged between his legs, then yanked his arms behind him, flipping the heavy man down her sturdy back.  He released her in shock, and she released him, then dropped an elbow down just under his ribs.  He coughed, and an orange-and-black clad referee wearing a holographic clown’s mask ran over.

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Love of Music

His heart felt like it was expanding.  The warmth he felt in his chest halted the icy snow, and he smiled down at the young woman he so adored. “Remi, of course I’m going to miss you.” he leaned down and kissed her on her angelic, pink lips. “I love you.”

“I love you too, Mattieu.” she murmured with a soft smile before she looked away. “Are you sure we can handle going long-distance like this?  Even if we’re only across town, you won’t ever be able to see me, except when I do public shows.” Her voice was a sad bell tuned to a minor key.  Her green-grey eyes looked down, and she turned her face away from him. “You should move on and find someone else to love, Mattieu.”  Her tone was pleading, and she slowly worked up her courage to look him in the eye.

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Ice searches in the fire.

Screams sounded everywhere around the warrior.  Supposedly retired, he wore his armor like a second skin, and rose with the aid of his large battleaxe. “Boy!” he called as he walked through the choking smoke. “Boy, where are ya, lad?” The old warrior squinted through the smoke, then began to cough.  He doubled back down to one knee.  His chest ached, and for a moment, his eyes glowed an evil blue. “Boy!” he shouted again, only to nearly collapse as he coughed all the more.  Blood shot from his mouth, into his hand, and as he stood, he absently wiped it onto his cape.

The cape was covered in bloody hand-prints and smears, many old, and some new. “Boy!” He felt unsteady on his feet, and despite the personal danger, he walked into his guild’s house.  The boy was not there.  Luckily, the building was undamaged as well– especially given the amount of people inside.  He closed the door to prevent smoke entering, and made his way fearlessly into the heart of the attack on the city.

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Terror gripped my soul as I watched the Invaders attack my father’s uncle.  Blood wept from the wounds they inflicted onto his flesh.  Despite this, he kept his mouth closed firmly and stared directly into my eyes.  I could not look away as the man who taught me how to shoot a bow held my eyes.  His gaze didn’t waver, and he made no sound as the Invaders continued to beat him, even when they began to use sticks.  Blood began to fall from his body, and I tried not to cry.

My father’s uncle refused to give in to the physical abuse, even as the Invaders began to scream horrible-sounding words at him.

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He Descends, Delving Deeply.

Logan stared in horror as the faces of the kindly adventurers around him began to melt. “Get away from me!” he gasped. “Begone, demons!  You’ll not have me!” He stood on shaky legs and flipped his massive wooden desk. The heavy antique seemed eager to attack the warrior and his priest lover. “Back!  I’ll not go with you!” He looked around feverishly. “I’m warning you, you don’t know what you deal with!”

The man gripped at the sword at his side and pulled it from its sheath.  The blade sang as it came to view, shining like it was an incarnation of the very light itself.  The room seemed to dim in its presence, and the adventurers-turned-demons hissed and pulled away, screeching in agony at the mere sight of the magnificent shining blade.  Logan swung the sword at the warrior, whose cry of pain erupted like the nearby volcano.

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Deeply Delving

Time ticked and tocked as I stuffed my hand into a bag of Doritos.  The cheese-covered corn chips left orange smudges of questionable chemical make-up on my fingers.  I looked up at my irregularly-painted ceiling and frowned as I slowly nibbled the paste-like powder from my flesh, scraping my teeth against the tips of my digits.

My mouth burned as the pseudo-Mexican spices entered, and I began to thirst for a cold glass of milk.  I felt uncomfortable no matter how many layers I wore, what I ate, or what I drank.  I couldn’t concentrate at all.

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“One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure its worth watching.”

Red heels clicked on the metal stairs that led up to the windowed control room of the Biological Cybernetics Corporation satellite base.  For the first time since childhood, Biocybera felt cold.  Slender fingers gripped the railing in front of the window as she looked down at Earth.  She could see the place she spent her childhood– the sock of the United States.  She could see Europe, where her empire began.  In her mind, as she looked at each location, she recalled the events that transpired there.

Biocybera stood in silence for several hours while her technicians kept the station in orbit.  None dared interrupt her reverie.  The fear of retribution was still fresh, even if the scars left by long-removed collars were rapidly fading.

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