I am exhausted.

30 Aug

I got home from the local ren faire not long ago.  My legs are rubber, my eyes hurt, I’m sweaty, and I had a blast.  I saw new performers this time, and got myself a few nice souveniers, and now, my biggest goal of the night is to crawl into a bed and stop moving for about ten hours.  If you have a ren faire near you, you should go.  Find the Washer Well Wenches.  Buy a dragon.  Dress up.  Overload yourself with the sights, sounds, and taste of fantasy land.  It’s about the only place where you can walk up to someone and ask “Excuse me, could you help me adjust my wings?” without anyone being weirded out.

Yeah, I know, no story today.  I am too exhausted, and I’m surprised I just managed to spell words over two syllables, let alone write actual sentences.  Good night, lovely readers, good night.

If you’re heartbroken not to have words to read, I suggest checking out my friend, Chibi’s blog.  Her writing style is quite different from mine, but very enjoyable to read.

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