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Camp NaNoWriMo – Tenth Update

A productive day yesterday, but I didn’t get much ground on the days I missed.  I plan to improve on that today, this time without allowing myself to be distracted by games or forums.  I’m on a strict timer!  Hopefully I can ignore the television.

On to the resource of the day!

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Camp NaNoWriMo – Ninth Update

A whopping 3k words in yesterday!  I hope to repeat that performance today, and get down as many words as I can to catch up.  Things are looking bright though– I still just need only about 2.5k a day to reach goal on time, but the extra words certainly won’t go wrong!

Also, I did find a new resource, thanks to tumblr!

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Camp NaNoWriMo – Eighth Update

That was a rough few days.  Time to get back on track!  I’ve had my diet sludge, got my coffitivity, and my random playlist all set up and ready!

There’s just one thing in my way today, and that’s a couple hours of a car ride back to my house, where there are ten people waiting to harrass my friend and I over weird, non-writery crap like housework, babysitting (I wish I could say never again and mean it), washing dishes, and silly things like eating dinner.

Before I go, I’ll get as many words out as I can, though!  Let’s do this!  LEEEROY JENKINS!

Also, I’ve run out of resouces to post.  I’ll apply the google to my head in time for the next update.

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Camp NaNoWriMo – Seventh Update

More to do, and more done!  I’m going to hit the 20k word mark today in just 1.7k words.  I’m so excited!  5k words after that, and I’ll hit the one third mark.

In the meantime, I’ve got a bird on my shoulder, a song on my playlist, a pep talk loaded for if I need it, and some free time coming up once my friend’s boyfriend arrives and gets her off my back.

Thus far, Krusk has twice the ‘screen time’ as before, though Korenila and Evoxe have a little less and get along less with Ask.  I’m going to see how this goes, though before I worry about it too much.

Now, the resource of the day!

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Camp NaNoWrMo – Sixth Update

Yesterday, I finished early thanks so some buffer I had.  My mood is better, and I feel more confident in my ability finish this insane project.  I even had some time to play World of Warcraft with some friends!

Today is warm-ish, and though it’s overcast, the air around is pleasant.  I’ve got my coffee shop sounds going alongside my most whiplash-filled playlist, and I’m about to check the website for a pep talk to get those juices flowing just a little bit better.

… Oops, I finished today’s word goal.  Good talk.  Here’s your resource, delayed as it may be.

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Camp NaNoWriMo – Fifth Update

Day six dawns with a fresh new start.  I’ve reduced my goal because, in the end, Camp NaNo is supposed to be fun.  It’s still up from November, however, and with a more attractive-looking daily writing goal (such a nice, evenly-divisible number), I’m not only ahead, but I feel less stressed.

Yes, The Sand Flea is still going to be longer, and it’s still got a lot of work to go, but with my new writing program, I can more easily edit, and I’m not worried.  Needless to say, some things have changed since the ten/twenty-part story I wrote out here, but I’m fine with that.  The core characters are still the same at their heart, even if some circumstances and attitudes have changed.

But enough of that– on to what you really want– resources!  This one is from Tumblr.

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Camp NaNoWriMo – Fourth Update

Yesterday’s performance was abysmal, so today I picked up my No Plot, No Problem book and started reading for a well-needed mindset change.

Needless to say, I was better able to exit Tumblr today, and will immediately turn off my skype, launcher, utorrent, and extra browser windows/tabs and get to work.

Before that, I have a resource, though!

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