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New Projects and Renewed Creativity

Gosh, it’s been a while!  Here’s my highly irregular notification of life.  I haven’t been too lazy during my time away from here, at least.  I’ve done more work on Saldecla’s wiki, started work on a new setting wiki for a place called Empire Lands, started compiling my most loved characters to Charahub, and I even started laying out some outlines for a few book ideas I’ve gotten.

I’ve set my previous NaNoWriMo novel on the back burner– I want to rewrite it because it’s lacking punch.  The Sand Flea is also on the back burner for the same reason.  I have another four stories that need told, maybe five, if I’m feeling the creativity flow like crazy.

The first is about a magic user who faces prejudice and tries to fix it, but ultimately fails and sells his soul to at least complete his research– that’s part one.  Part two of the same story is about a boy who faces similar prejudice, and instead of fighting against it, he simply does what he can to survive using his natural gifts for technology.

Second, I have a story about K.  K is an androgynous, asexual, agender human who is on his way to hell to discover why he is one of the only people in the world who is incapable of using humanity’s innate magic.

My third story involves the story of a world, starting with what sets it apart from the real world (an apocalypse), and ending with its current stagnation.

Another story idea is a sort of prequel to the second part of the first new novel idea– it will tell why the prejudice exists, and also provide a partial prologue to the third story.

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