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That’s Soooooo Meta

I stared at my blog’s new post page.  It was often open for days on end, and seemed to be always empty– just like my mind.  I wracked my brain for new ideas, but none could fly, save one, and it was starting to struggle.  Write about Ask again?  His story wasn’t finished.  I needed to finish it– wanted to, also.  It was slowing dangerously.  A break from his story would help, I was sure.  Time to gather new ideas.  Only one friend read all six parts, and she wasn’t online to bounce ideas off of and give input.

She was curious about Horse, though.

That was something. Read the rest of this entry »

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Rain to Calm

All of my life, I have heard countless people speak of the spiritual.  Gods, ghosts, nature, energies– the whole nine yards, if you don’t mind the cliche.  I was raised a Christian, and I was converted by my parents from Episcopalian to Baptist, and converted by myself to “curious.”

For Mom, the woman who adopted and raised me, she found her center with the Christian God, and for a long time, she meditated every morning with prayer and her bible.  She only stopped when it came time to support her children monetarily after Dad moved out to get a job in another state.  She remained deeply religious.  She always spoke of how God would provide. Her faith was always strong. Read the rest of this entry »


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Mother’s Day

From about nine until one, I slept on and off.  I didn’t want to wake up– my bed was too comfortable.  Various times, people tried to wake me, but I resisted until Chibi informed he she would pee in my bed if I didn’t let her out.  I sat up long enough for her to escape, then laid back down, content to continue my crazy dreams of a strange sports arena that involved eating a lot of gummy snacks in a race (as a girl) and then changing into a flat-chested, large-penised (is that a word?) partial hermaphrodite and getting sucked off by a blonde, youthful someone who was somehow related to me.  It looked to me like a girl from a music video– a Japanese cartoon girl.

Regardless of my wishes, however, Charles crawled up onto my bed, and the dreams fled.  They had been so real, despite their oddness, that for a moment, I thought I had a purse filled with gummies that were each three inches long, save two that were shaped like women in dresses that I had stolen for Charles, because he liked princesses. Read the rest of this entry »

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Ice Cream

Mom arrived home in a rush.  Dinner was almost ready– only the rice was left.  I made sure nothing was amiss, other than that, because I knew of a portion of her day already.

Her texts were filled with an unhappy, business-like manner when she informed me that Janelle was having a meltdown and screaming.  Charles was only slightly better.  Strangely enough, Junior was the only one who didn’t have any problems. Read the rest of this entry »

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Magical Wands

Fifty dollars arrived in a box today.  The package was seven inches wide by about fifteen inches long, perhaps a bit more.  Charles saw me grab it off the porch and tried to follow me into the bathroom to demand he should get it, because he’s Charles, and every day is Christmas in his mind.  Finally, I hid in the bathroom and used a children’s nail clipper to cut through the tape.

Inside, shitty brown paper blocked my view, so I tossed it aside.  There it was– at the bottom.  Fifty dollars of what was claimed to be a super sex toy.  It was a Hitachi Wand and a single attachment, meant for ‘deep muscle massage’. Read the rest of this entry »

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Head-Clearing Day

Here, I sat.  I was doing nothing other than browsing Cake Wrecks and derping about on forums.  I had a plot constructed based on a few songs, but my fingers refused to do anything else on the subject.  Instead, I sat next to my best friend and wasted time.  She gave me the rest of her Olive Garden breadsticks from the night before– great night, that.

Charles was a pain for the beginning of the day.  Even with medication, he was very grumpy.  Many of his time-outs went wrong when he smeared lotion on the toilet seat because “girls don’t have weewees,” or he stole from my older sister.  Finally, I just sat on him to keep him calm and let him tire himself.  The morning was stressful, and even though I tried to keep him calm with movies and snacks, it was never enough.  Finally, I just got him as angry as I could and put him in his room, where his own anger made him incapable of doing anything but flailing on the floor or bed and screaming. Read the rest of this entry »

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Insert Generic Title Here

Busy weekend. That’s an understatement. I ran up and down the stairs so many times. Weren’t weekends my breaks? Not this time, it seemed. Every time I settled in, I heard the call of my mom, begging for help with Charles. She couldn’t watch him. She had to finish the taxes of a dozen or so people who couldn’t use turbo tax themselves.

The bruises on my back and legs multiplied, and scabs appeared from the scratches that little boy left on my hands when I released him for a moment after he’d been naughty. I couldn’t punish him long because every time, he screamed bloody murder and Mom swooped in to save him from his time outs. I was hardly able to do a damn thing. Read the rest of this entry »

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