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Along the Scar

Velynne slowly re-read her orders. She was to report to an orc, named Gruth Bloodhand, who guarded one of the many tiers of protection for Fairbreeze Village. The Dead Scar, so close by, was a constant menace to the locals. The constant stream of scourge wore at their defences. The Sindorei– “blood elves”– were losing ground to the tainted ground.

Even the capital was divided, with the training academy on one side, and the rulers on the other. Read the rest of this entry »

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Ok, I lied.

Yep, another post about NaNoWriMo– it’s over.

It’s over, and the rough draft of Ask’s updated story is complete. ¬†Editing has begun, and it is proving a bit darker than the original in the beginning– but also has more delicious information and even some background on why Ask is in Njolr at all.

As a tiny bit of a spoiler, Read the rest of this entry »

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