Silky Woman

24 Aug

Continued from Rainbow Bubbles.

The woman watched.

Heated talons clawed at her throat as she inhaled sharply.  Her lips were pursed, and her eyes were wide as she stared down from her window.

Brown.  A brown human danced below her with the kind green human.  Heat filled her eyes as a faint dampness blurred her vision.  She blinked rapidly and gripped the rail around her balcony, fingernails bending painfully backward as she dug them into the pale stone.  Her eyes shifted from yellow to green and she turned away from the sight angrily.

“How dare he.” She hugged herself. “How dare he play with that tofu-skinned thing!  The pale ones can’t be trusted!  Betrayal!” She grabbed a pillow and screamed into it before she threw it onto the bed, leaving a red smear behind.  She glared at the smear, then started wiping her face with her pristine white gloves.  The red paint on her lips and the white powder on her face stained the cloth, and with a grin down at them, she began to pull them off.

Once removed, she hurled them off her balcony and watched as they floated downward, to land out of sight of the playful pair, in a tree.  She snarled and flopped onto her back, rolling about, mussing her pink silk dress.  She began to tear at the cloth, snarling as she did.

“He’s supposed to play with me!  Not with her!  With me!  He’s my green human!  Mine!” She tore the constricting cloth from her chest. “I want my claws!  I’ll rip his neck!  Rip it to threads!  Make him eat his own heart!” She rolled about, tears and tearing filling her existence until a sudden sound that shouldn’t have been there woke her from her tantrum.  She stopped suddenly and looked up.

Brown.  Brown and blood.  She gasped and scrambled away from the too-close human “Don’t touch me!” He grabbed her by her dark arm and yanked it almost out of the socket.  Her body jerked toward him, and she stared up.

“That’s enough.  The prince will be here soon.  You have a duty to him, to thank him for removing the danger from you.”

She inhaled sharply, then spat at him, nailing him in one of his ugly pale eyes.  She grinned for a moment, and he sighed as he used his free hand to wipe the spittle away.

“Such ungratefulness.” He reached for her neck, and she pulled away, but couldn’t avoid the hand that rested on the always-aching gemstone there.  She howled, and it faded slowly into silence as her body sagged.  The man looked back. “Administer the drug and clean her up.  You have an hour before the prince arrives.  I want her and the room spotless and inviting.” With those words, he dropped her, and several young women in brown and grey hurried forward to do his bidding.

Despite being given an hour, the girls finished their task in half that time.  The woman was bathed, her white hair combed, fresh makeup applied, her pillow replaced, her fingernails manicured, and her body re-dressed in a different tight pink dress.  She was left on the bed with a bowl of frozen fruit and slices of ham to await the prince.

Idly, the woman picked up a piece of ham and ate it, then ate another and another until only fruit remained.  She stared down at the jewel-like orbs before she picked one up to eat.  The sweet juice was too strong, but the coolness of it was nice.

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