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Back Home

Just got back home, all.  I just can’t concentrate right now.  Story time tomorrow.

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I am exhausted.

I got home from the local ren faire not long ago.  My legs are rubber, my eyes hurt, I’m sweaty, and I had a blast.  I saw new performers this time, and got myself a few nice souveniers, and now, my biggest goal of the night is to crawl into a bed and stop moving for about ten hours.  If you have a ren faire near you, you should go.  Find the Washer Well Wenches.  Buy a dragon.  Dress up.  Overload yourself with the sights, sounds, and taste of fantasy land.  It’s about the only place where you can walk up to someone and ask “Excuse me, could you help me adjust my wings?” without anyone being weirded out.

Yeah, I know, no story today.  I am too exhausted, and I’m surprised I just managed to spell words over two syllables, let alone write actual sentences.  Good night, lovely readers, good night.

If you’re heartbroken not to have words to read, I suggest checking out my friend, Chibi’s blog.  Her writing style is quite different from mine, but very enjoyable to read.

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Do you all like my recent stories?  Do you have any questions about them?  I’m more than happy to answer any time.  If you would rather not ask in public in the comments, I have a brand new contact page.  I’d love to hear from all of my readers, so please don’t be shy.  I really would love to hear from you!

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Feels good, man.

Ok, now that the first step to writing every day is complete, I’ve created a Patreon page.  I’ve always wanted to be able to make money writing my stories, but no idea how to start (other than a book, which I think I’m going to stick to doing once a year).  Hopefully, this helps me with that start, and even more hopefully, maybe I can eventually figure out more ways to turn one of my favorite activities into a way I can support myself.

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Quarter Century Old, and Still Chugging.

Another author update.  After a long time battling the forces of my weird depressive cycle, I’m clawing my way back into the writing craze.  Unfortunately, it’s mostly porn, so I can’t post it here.  However, what I can post here is a little thing I’ve been working on– might even turn it into a book this November!

Fear not, Ask’s story is not left to the wayside.  I got discouraged during editing, because I was still too close to the story, so I’ve taken a break, and will reread it after this coming NaNo, as many people suggested I do.  I need to remember that the only fast part of writing is the actual writing (if I don’t edit as I go).

My Saldecla project has been getting more love of late, as well, for those interested.  The wiki has more completed pages than ever, though there’s still a long way to go and a lot of revisions still to do.

And now, I’m working on a second world, starting French lessons again, hurrying to finish Pokemon X, preparing for Warlords of Draenor, and getting ready to prep for NaNo.  I need to get a writing kit set up, get arrangements for a kidnapping, and escape from childcare responsibilities for a whole month.  I look forward to being so busy!

Oh, and it was also my birthday yesterday.  I feel like that means I have a lot to do!  Not in a bad way though, mind.

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I’m just dying of the plague.

Like the title says, I’m dying of the plague.  Yes, I know it’s actually just the flu.  The fever broke after the first day, but some other symptoms remained, and my throat is a thing of misery.  It’s hard to think, and harder to be creative.  For now, this means The Sand Flea’s editing process is on hold for a bit.

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Ok, I lied.

Yep, another post about NaNoWriMo– it’s over.

It’s over, and the rough draft of Ask’s updated story is complete.  Editing has begun, and it is proving a bit darker than the original in the beginning– but also has more delicious information and even some background on why Ask is in Njolr at all.

As a tiny bit of a spoiler, Read the rest of this entry »

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