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The Wand

I clutched the wand tightly against my chest. The sharp edges dug into my skin uncomfortably through my homespun shirt, but I remained still. I was hunted again. I was always hunted. Everyone wanted the wand, but I couldn’t give it up. I knew if I did, I would die.

Footsteps behind me caught my ears, and I looked back. Again, it was the man in silver armor. I flinched away, but he caught me by the shoulder.

“You won’t use that wand again!” He snarled. So many times before, he had asked, he had pleaded, he had begged with a gentle face. This time, instead, he grabbed and raised his sword. “You’ve killed too many people! No more second chances!”

As before, I raised the wand and held it between us. Unlike before, a cold thunk resounded through my arm, and I watched it fall away. It hit the ground as I stared dumbly. I wasn’t dead. It was no longer held by me, but I was alive! I looked at my savior and smiled. “Than-” The word cut off, and the ground rushed toward me.

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Final Moments

I stared down at one of the many corpses littering the field of battle. Unlike many of the others, this one still breathed, and it sent flashes of its lost life out from its mind in agony, as though seeking a final someone to listen to its story, just as the other breathing corpses did. A few cried for help, but I ignored those, for they might still be saved. Read the rest of this entry »

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Never Trust a Thieving Witch

Slam! Slam! The woman pounded the second nail into the door frame. Inside, unable to see her through the closed door, a fat and fearful merchant cowered, his family holed into their rooms, gathering wealth.

Around the corner, guards ran toward the woman, who looked up in shock from under her hood, then hurried off, her loose smock blown against her thin body by the wind of her forward momentum. Her bare feet slapped against the hard packed earthen road.

Her hood flew back, releasing a long, black braid into the wind. Her brown skin was bleached by the full moon’s light, and her dark eyes were hidden by the shadows from her bangs. Read the rest of this entry »

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20k Words Complete, Excerpt Incoming

Yep, I’m celebrating by posting a bit more of the story.  Enjoy! Read the rest of this entry »

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Pagian Bounty: Excerpt

Here’s an excerpt, since I’m assuming the likes and new follows mean people want that.  Please enjoy my main character, Sery, as she makes her first appearance.

Read the rest of this entry »

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NaNoWriMo 2014: The Day Before

I forgot it was Halloween, I’m so excited.  My outline’s in shambles, my characters need work, I don’t have a climax, my foot’s impaled by a fork.

Rhyming aside, I’m a mess!  I’m a giddy mess, though.  This year, instead of rewriting an existing story (like The Sand Flea from last year), I’m doing something I’ve not written about before– heroic tale of adventure, a party of three, and a sun god and a moon goddess at odds!  Sounds just so cliche, right?  Too much for me.  So, I’ve made my Sun God an immature jerk.  The Moon Goddess represents cultural and creative stagnation.  The heroic party?  Their church sends them to kill an innocent for political reasons, and they’re capable enough to manage it without much screwing up.  Problem is, they figure out he’s an innocent much too quickly– and they also kill him much too soon.  Now I need to figure out what to do with a bunch of disgusted heroes to bring about some big conflict that ends with either disaster or a “New World Order” sort of deal.  I may end up involving the Father God who created everything, but that seems like it’d be cheap since he’s never mentioned anywhere else (completely forgotten about by his own creations).

Even with all this bullcrap, I’m raring to start!  Thankfully, I seem to be obsessed enough with this world, I’ll keep plotting the future while writing.  If not? I shall pants it.

My personal goal this time is 2.5k words a day, up from 2k a day last year.  I want to make a LOT of buffer, especially with so many cool things being released this November.  I must not get distracted!

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Vincent Vance and the Rusted Factory

Vinnie yawned as he rolled over in his sleeping bag.  The light from the window was a square of brightness directly on his face.  He tried to roll the other way, and it didn’t leave.  Further, he rolled, and gravity took hold.  He landed with a thud and squawk, and finally sat up.

He began to run a thin hand through messy blond hair, but stopped midway and blinked before he withdrew his head.  Bleary eyes looked around, barely seeing as he struggled out of bedding he didn’t remember climbing into.

The boy dressed quickly in his usual grungy, oversized clothes, then pulled on his labcoat and goggles.  He grabbed his cell and stared at the painfully bright screen a few minutes.  Saturday.  Butthole of the morning.  He looked at the window and narrowed his eyes at the offending morning light, offended that it filtered right between the iron bars of the old factory office.  With practiced ease, he balled up his sleeping bag and tossed it onto the desk, then walked out of the room. Read the rest of this entry »

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Grandfathers and Granddaughters

Continued from Rumormill.

The princess glared at her brother as he approached the throne.  The young man paused, then fell to one knee, his head bowed. “Your Highness the Princess-Regent, I bring words from His Majesty, the Emperor.”

“Speak.” She took a deep breath to calm herself. “Tell me what words my Grandfather and Liege has sent.”

“He says, and I paraphrase, that he wishes to see you regarding the matter of two missing friends of his.” Before he was given leave, the prince rose and turned on his heel. “I will inform him you have heard his words.”

The princess’s face reddened as her glare intensified. “Since my grandfather has called on me, I must set aside audiences and see to him.” She rose. “If it is important, address it with High Priest Nikho.” She walked swiftly after him, eyes boring into the back of his wavy-haired head.  As she passed him in the doorway, he gripped his temple briefly, and she forcibly ignored his glance in her direction. Read the rest of this entry »

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Continued from Visiting a Chapel.

Several maids shifted about and fidgeted as they sat on benches in one of the imperial yards.

“So…” One glanced aside, uncomfortable with the silence. “Why do you like Nikho so much, Hellene?  He’s so…” She trailed off into silence.

“I don’t know.” The addressed blushing brunette groaned. “Maybe it’s the freckles?” She hid her face, and a few others giggled uneasily as they glanced around, their smiles more akin to pasted-on grimaces. Read the rest of this entry »

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I am exhausted.

I got home from the local ren faire not long ago.  My legs are rubber, my eyes hurt, I’m sweaty, and I had a blast.  I saw new performers this time, and got myself a few nice souveniers, and now, my biggest goal of the night is to crawl into a bed and stop moving for about ten hours.  If you have a ren faire near you, you should go.  Find the Washer Well Wenches.  Buy a dragon.  Dress up.  Overload yourself with the sights, sounds, and taste of fantasy land.  It’s about the only place where you can walk up to someone and ask “Excuse me, could you help me adjust my wings?” without anyone being weirded out.

Yeah, I know, no story today.  I am too exhausted, and I’m surprised I just managed to spell words over two syllables, let alone write actual sentences.  Good night, lovely readers, good night.

If you’re heartbroken not to have words to read, I suggest checking out my friend, Chibi’s blog.  Her writing style is quite different from mine, but very enjoyable to read.

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