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Royal Princess, Penny Princess

“You can’t catch me, Kelban!” Princess Felice called out to her nanny as she darted through the kitchen door and into the yard.  Fast, slippered feet darted through guards and helpers, and wove through a gaggle of idle serving girls.  She burst from the crowd only to stop in her tracks in front of her stern-looking father.

As the man looked down at her, his frown deepened. “And why is the princess dodging her nanny?” His deep, rumbling voice was filled with disappointment rather than anger, and his daughter winced.

“I’m just playing a game of tag, Daddy,” she answered meekly with a curtsy. “Kelban is right behind me, truly.” Felice looked back in time to watch the dark-skinned man crash into a serving girl who was carrying water. Read the rest of this entry »


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The Queen and the Killer

Power is all.

This was the creed of the three queens.  Each was a vision of beauty.  The leader of the three was slight and delicate, despite her vast magical strength and speed.  Her right hand was a gorgeous, classy woman, and was rumored to lift houses from the ground for play.  Her left hand was a boyish beauty with long hair and a sweet pout.  This left hand was a master of stealth and the magic of minds and bodies. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Cobra Lurks

Rumor says that four years ago, a bedraggled and sodden traveller arrived at the castle’s gate.  When he was refused entry, he simply sat outside and waited.  He refused to give his name, and simply sat, as though waiting.  Days turned to weeks, and eventually, the king took notice and summoned him.

When the man arrived in the throne room, he bowed deeply to the king and spoke as though they were in a private meeting.

“Who are you?” The king asked with a raised brow. Read the rest of this entry »

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Distorted Reflections

The difficult part of my plan was at hand.  I knew that the masked hero was the prince of the kingdom.  I knew that he was on his way to deal with me personally.  I knew that he knew everything about me.  So, I waited at the far end of a quarry.  To my back, the sheer face, and to my front, a wide, open area where Prince Rivara would challenge me to a duel once he arrived.

I slowed my breathing and slowly checked myself in a mirror.  My lips were stained red, and my cheeks were rosy.  I looked every bit like the woman he remembered from his childhood.  A small smile of pride tugged at my lips.  His mother’s dress hugged my form as I looked down.  I tucked my mirror into the small bag that hung from my wrist and sat to wait. Read the rest of this entry »

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“Bravery is being the only one who knows you’re afraid.” – Franklin P. Jones

Laughter filled the halls as two children dashed through, wooden dragons in hand. Phil and Corey had no cares in the world as they flew their toys around in the air, only the smash into each other with louder laughter. The two finally collapsed into a pile of giggles as they exhausted themselves. Their youthful chatter was boastful and imaginative, and soon enough, they had their second wind.

From a nearby study, a father smiled as he listened to their shouts of glee. He looked down at the boring work required of a king. With an unhappy sigh, he returned to his task. He felt that he never had time to be a part of his son’s life of late. So many petitions to decide upon, and so many nobles breathing down his neck, waiting for him to die of sheer dullness so that they could pay off a regent’s favor.

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