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For Sale

Red, painted lips pressed against the infant’s head, and his mother rose and turned from the still child and left the darkened room.  Her quiet voice hummed a lullaby her own mother used to sing to her, and she walked to her own bedroom to get dressed for work.

Her uniform was already clean and laid out.  She checked her purse to make certain it had all she needed, and then began to change.  A kiss on her shoulder told of her husband’s arrival.  She turned to look at him and smiled at him. “Mind helping me change?” Her wink was flirtatious, and he smiled back at her as he zipped her bright red tube top into place over her chest.  It was a struggle against her large breasts. Read the rest of this entry »

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Sex and Ice Cream

A day off!  For most of the day, Melanie had no idea what to do with herself.  The blonde felt lazy, bored, and horny. She paused as she stared at the clock.  She was hungry, too.  Hungry for something sweet and cold, and not too hard to get.

Finally, she pried herself from her bed and pulled on some comfortable clothes– a hoodie on top of nothing, some underwear, a miniskirt, and a pair of fun, clompy boots that had shiny buckles.  It still felt like dressing was too much work, but the nice police men hated for her to do as she liked in public. Read the rest of this entry »

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Damn Brick Walls

I walked into the fancy establishment my friend worked at.  She assured me I’d have no problem getting in.  I shifted my turban a bit higher on my head.  It was too large on me.  I absently grabbed the ear-flap and tied it to the other side to try to muffle the sounds of chatter that resounded on either side of me.  Suddenly, a brick wall was in my way.  I looked up.

He was huge, with dark skin and nothing to cover his massive chest, save scars and crossed arms.  Slowly, my eyes went higher still, to his face.  He stared at me with the pale eyes of someone from the north, maybe even as far as Icesog.  I took a step back quickly. “Sorry, sir.” I moved to step past him, and a heavy hand fell onto my shoulder, faster than I could think. Read the rest of this entry »


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Two Flowers

A warm touch.  A soft kiss.  The embrace was thirst-quenching for my soul.  It ended with the soft pat pat of coins landing on my bed, and his quiet footsteps leaving the room.  I opened my eyes, hopeful my ears lied.  They told me true.  He was gone.  As I closed my eyes and laid my head back down, I felt warm wetness on my lashes.  Sleep quickly found me again.

Crack!  The whip snapped against my flesh and I howled with an open throat.  My voice echoed back at me from the paneled walls.  I had no time to prepare as it struck me again, across the buttox.  A scream tore from me, and he allowed me to rest while he left, supposedly to get a drink.  Time passed slowly as I waited without a word.  The ache of my legs held apart and my hands tied above my head began to grow from dull to a fire across my shoulders and calves.  I called his name as I spotted the light of morning through the tiny window, but he did not come. Read the rest of this entry »


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