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BoGo (Part III)

Continued from Guin Weds.

The wedding went off with no trouble, and Guin soon came to know his new wife.  Nadea was a lively woman, and adored Boreal as though she was the girl’s own mother.  She shared Guin’s sorrow over the girl’s short life, and every day, she made Bo a healthy snack herself, certain that with the love of family, the snacks would taste even better.

Bo’s fourteenth birthday came and went, and Bo began a steady and rapid decline.  Her doctor had to move her limbs for her to help her get out of bed every day, and each day it took longer.  Guin spent all of his time that he was not working in her room.  Money was tight, and he often went without meals to ensure his daughter and wife could eat their fill.  He was thin and gaunt.  He only smiled for them, and in his worried misery, he felt it was not often enough. Read the rest of this entry »

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Caged Bird

When Doctor Reves first laid eyes on me, I was being hauled into his hospital on a gurney.  I was fat, and recently survived an attack by what equate to zombies– a flash mob of brainless, starved people who will eat anything, including flesh.  I only survived because the corpses they were eating were piled on top of me when the army arrived and blasted them all to shit.  They didn’t expect any survivors, and I soon learned why: surviving that is usually not a nice accomplishment, but a prequel to a fuck-ton of difficulty.

So, there I was.  I was the fat guy in glasses on the gurney, muttering nonsense and using all of my energy to avoid going mad.  Blood soaked my clothes, and I had no idea how much was mine. Read the rest of this entry »

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Guin Weds

Continued from BoGo.

The time for High Lord Guin’s new marriage approached rapidly.  His new betrothed was a stranger from another country, and said to be from a very numerous and fertile family.  He asked often after her.  Was she kind?  Would she treat his daughter well?  Each question he asked during his visit to the capital reached her ears, and she was pleased that he placed his ill daughter before his own happiness.  Never once did the man ask after her appearance, or try to learn of any deformities.

The woman was impressed, and she told Guin’s king that she was pleased with the man before the two ever set eyes on each other.  Nonetheless, they still had to do the formal dancing through hoops.  There was paperwork and meetings.  They had to arrange their wedding ceremony.

Guin had to prepare Boreal to sit very still in an uncomfortable seat without betraying to the assembled that she was not of sound mind.  He sighed as he sent yet another letter to his betrothed. Read the rest of this entry »

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The High Lord Guin stared out his tower at the grand city below. His gaze was smoldering, and he gripped a sheet of paper so tightly it crinkled in his grip. “It can’t be true.” He growled as his orange eyes settled on the physician who brought the news and narrowed. “What is the treatment, and what is its cost?”

As the doctor explained, Guin raised a hand. “About the delusions you mentioned, how bad are they?” Read the rest of this entry »


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The television screen flickered with images of the Fat Cat: a man fat with spent wealth.  His face was greasy and pockmarked, and he had many heavy piercings pulling the flesh of his ears downward.  His lobes touched his shoulders as he chuckled. “Do you really think you’re capable of this mad act?  I’m the boss of the world, and you’re just a broken robot and a brat who can’t keep her nose clean.” He grinned widely.  Several of his teeth were capped in gold, and glittered with spittle. “I know you’re around the city somewhere, watching this.  Go ahead and give up, and I will even let you keep your busted up rust wagon.”

The feed clicked off, and the man’s grin faded as he turned to look at the thin, bug-eyed techie. “You got all of that, right?” he asked, his voice husky.

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The Child of Fire, Death, and Life

Continued from By Fire and Death, Life Grows.

It took only months for Morgan to find the meaning behind Kareh’s words on the morning after he saved her life. She was pregnant, and as time went on, the private school began to notice. She was sent back to the home of Morgan’s parents, who tried desperately to convince her to abort the child. Kareh repeatedly turned their pained discussions into screaming matches, and inevitably won out. The child was born on a bitterly cold spring day, filled with drizzle and sog. Her young body was torn asunder in the efforts to birth her child, and illness soon took hold.

Morgan stayed by her side as doctors cared for her on his own dime. He was a father now, and he was prepared to take responsibility.

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“It’s not wise to let someone like that know your name.”

The villagers milled around the injured young traveler.  None rushed to aid him, nor did they speak to him or otherwise acknowledge his existence.  He called for help, and they ignored him, save to watch his blood slowly leave his body.  He reached to grip at his bleeding hip and snarled.  He held it tightly as he slowly rose.  Every move sent ringing shocks through his body.

Pound.  Pound.

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