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Narcisism Meets Nerd

Always, that lopsided smile on those thick lips, those lazy, happy eyes, and that mess of hair weakened my knees.  Far from the most masculine man, he was certainly a heart-breaker.  If only he wasn’t my son.

He looked nothing like my husband, but his resemblance to his father was also only faint.  Many people said he looked like me.  I always wondered about that.  Did that make me a narcissist instead of an incestual freak?  Not that it mattered.  Even though I hid how I felt, I was not ashamed. Read the rest of this entry »


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The Tiny Death

I felt unnerved.  The winds were high and crisp, and the ground under my feet was mushy as I waited for mom to finish moving the car out of the way so I could take the keys back inside.  The porch light illuminated little, but gave the front tree a ghostly cast.  Even with the van and the car alive and lit nearby, the darkness of the morning didn’t allow the expected noise or light to loosen its grip over the world.

I almost spoke up several times as mom handed me the car keys and gave me a hug, but I held back.  This was the world my mom drove to work through every day.  Even as a creature of the night, I shied away from this early morning darkness.  The street lights did nothing to brighten the world around me.  With a nervous gaze, I watched mom drive off in her big van. Read the rest of this entry »

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