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The History of Lake CLASSIFIED

“I don’t think this is such a good idea.” Vincent frowned as he looked around. “The old quarry is so eerie at night.” His voice trailed off, and he flipped his collar up to protect himself from the light rain that ran down the back of his neck.  It felt like tiny shards of ice.  He looked to one side at his best friend, the younger girl called Melanie. “You should run home, Melanie.”

Melanie shook her head and held his hand, as around them, the six adults kept the two moving inside their circle of bodies. Read the rest of this entry »


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My alarm went off, and I hit snooze to wait until I heard Mom call me to babysit. My eyes stayed shut until the alarm on my phone told me it was time to take Charles out to the bus. I yanked on my jacket to hide my ever-erect nipples, damn the cold, and dashed from my room in only my shorts and that new jacket to protect me from the Michigan cold. When I arrived upstairs, all three children were watching television, and my dad was in the kitchen. I acted calm as I entered. “Dad? No school?”

He looked up and laughed. “Yeah, spring break.”

I was relieved, but felt tired. I was certain Velvet wouldn’t allow my return to bed– I already had to boot her from my room several times, and closed the door on her half of those times. Instead, I poured a bowl of apple jacks. With quiet glee, I noticed the box had only about a bowlful missing– I was the only one eating it! Read the rest of this entry »

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Morella Brightcloud

Her story starts before her birth.  Morella’s mother and her father, Achille, were deeply in love, despite her father’s strange fascination and obsession with order.  Rumors circulated, however, that Morella’s mother slept with people in order to gain their favor in her husband’s endeavors, but Achille ignored the rumors and simply enjoyed the woman’s company.  Morella was born, and any who looked at her saw mother and father– there was no doubt that she was not a bastard– especially after she began to sort her toys by size and color.  Many times, Morella did catch her mother with other men, and her mother explained very patiently that there was nothing wrong with embracing a sexual nature, but she must save her virginity for the person she was destined to marry, and that she must not tell her father of such things.

When Morella asked her mother if the woman still loved Achille, she answered “With all my heart, which is why I sometimes embrace people I do not like at all– for his sake.  If they see me come to them, they assume both of us must like them, or that they have some advantage, and your father can simply clean up the mess, which he is very good at.” Read the rest of this entry »


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The Fields that Steal

The crossing was blocked by one of the many Burn Fields.  Only a person with basic magic training and some magic could get across.  It was yet another safety measure set in place by Engie’s family to ensure that Sanctuary remained untouched by the Croes. Engie closed her eyes as she searched her inner well of power.  She was nearly depleted after such a long journey.  Without more energy, she would be unable to make it across the Burn Field Band. She had to gather some kind of reserve, or risk the life of her entire travelling party.

The Croes had the advantage of flying minions, and those in the air were immune to the effects of Burn Fields entirely. Read the rest of this entry »

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Dear reader, I’m sure you recall a post from December, called One Year.  It was written about a cat that I raised from a kitten into old age.

Currently, there is another cat on my knee as I type this.  She’s black, with long fur and pretty eyes that are golden.  She met Quazi, and my best friend thinks Quazi stuck around to train her before he left, because he knew I would need support.

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