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For Sale

Red, painted lips pressed against the infant’s head, and his mother rose and turned from the still child and left the darkened room.  Her quiet voice hummed a lullaby her own mother used to sing to her, and she walked to her own bedroom to get dressed for work.

Her uniform was already clean and laid out.  She checked her purse to make certain it had all she needed, and then began to change.  A kiss on her shoulder told of her husband’s arrival.  She turned to look at him and smiled at him. “Mind helping me change?” Her wink was flirtatious, and he smiled back at her as he zipped her bright red tube top into place over her chest.  It was a struggle against her large breasts. Read the rest of this entry »

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He Descends, Delving Deeply.

Logan stared in horror as the faces of the kindly adventurers around him began to melt. “Get away from me!” he gasped. “Begone, demons!  You’ll not have me!” He stood on shaky legs and flipped his massive wooden desk. The heavy antique seemed eager to attack the warrior and his priest lover. “Back!  I’ll not go with you!” He looked around feverishly. “I’m warning you, you don’t know what you deal with!”

The man gripped at the sword at his side and pulled it from its sheath.  The blade sang as it came to view, shining like it was an incarnation of the very light itself.  The room seemed to dim in its presence, and the adventurers-turned-demons hissed and pulled away, screeching in agony at the mere sight of the magnificent shining blade.  Logan swung the sword at the warrior, whose cry of pain erupted like the nearby volcano.

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