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Le update.

Hello from West Virginia!  My family and I just finished celebrating my belated birthday, and we’ll head home tomorrow.  I figured I’d give an update on my mental state. Read the rest of this entry »

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Demons and Rot

I was almost perfect at stealth missions.  I was silent– no breathing, and I had no lower jaw.  The only flaws in my ability to sneak were a thing called ‘drool’ and another thing called ‘smelling worse than an ogre’s ass’.

Fil’ul obviously had a faulty nose.  He was the one that reeked– soil, death, blood, disease– the whole nine yards. Read the rest of this entry »


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An Unhappy Future

A new home. It was so dull, living with a normal family. His foster parents were irritatingly normal, and they could do nothing to enforce their rules. His foster father refused to call him Vinnie, and his foster mother refused to let him skip the piano lessons she required of him. He was good enough, but his teacher refused to let him advance at his own pace, and after a month, he was still doing scales.

The new home was made all the more miserable by a pre-existing basement and an underground lake not far underneath. He had no place to work, and no place to play– especially not with all of the pine trees around, with their long, thick roots. The boy did manage to install a lock on his bedroom door, and that gave him a modicum of the privacy he once had, although it felt like he was always naked. He was told he had to dress normally– leave his goggles and lab coat home when he went anywhere, brush his hair every day, and even more pointless tasks. Humans just didn’t understand. Read the rest of this entry »


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Ice Cream

Mom arrived home in a rush.  Dinner was almost ready– only the rice was left.  I made sure nothing was amiss, other than that, because I knew of a portion of her day already.

Her texts were filled with an unhappy, business-like manner when she informed me that Janelle was having a meltdown and screaming.  Charles was only slightly better.  Strangely enough, Junior was the only one who didn’t have any problems. Read the rest of this entry »

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A Warlock’s Vices

Ezramdone woke slowly to the sound of his pet succubus complaining to someone about him. Silently, he listened in, his leather-bound gaze fixed on the demoness as she scrubbed herself. Her words bit harshly at the undead man’s ego. She threw insults like ugly, insensitive, and selfish about. Funny, only she got to the big finish last night. Totally selfish. Finally, he gathered his Fel energies to speak. “Shut up, Sylissa.” He rose and pulled on his clothes without looking at her or her companion.

As he finally pulled on his bright pink, tattered cape, he turned around, then paused as he realized who the succubus had been speaking to. It was a very familiar dead troll in thick armor. “Theeloos. Hello.” He inclined his head. “Did you think about what I said?” Read the rest of this entry »


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Insert Generic Title Here

Busy weekend. That’s an understatement. I ran up and down the stairs so many times. Weren’t weekends my breaks? Not this time, it seemed. Every time I settled in, I heard the call of my mom, begging for help with Charles. She couldn’t watch him. She had to finish the taxes of a dozen or so people who couldn’t use turbo tax themselves.

The bruises on my back and legs multiplied, and scabs appeared from the scratches that little boy left on my hands when I released him for a moment after he’d been naughty. I couldn’t punish him long because every time, he screamed bloody murder and Mom swooped in to save him from his time outs. I was hardly able to do a damn thing. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Low Points of Being Face’s Toon

I woke up to find I was wearing a pink, frilly dress, desperately gripping a bouquet of spring flowers, and wearing all of half of my armor.  A rabbit munched on my ear and gazed at me with… was that longing?  I tossed it aside and sat up.  My head was throbbing.  My mouth was sticky.  I spat, and saw a chocolate egg shell.  What was in those things?

Slowly, I began to recall the previous day.  Marlendra, Riermar, and I were egg-hunting for some weird holiday called Noblegarden.  Something about eggs and chocolate.  I participated for reasons I don’t even understand, and stood for hours on a sign post, picking up eggs as they magically appeared there.  At some point, I put on a dress and began to dance, while many men and women alike kissed me.  I met a rabbit at some point and adopted it.  It had so many children in such a short time, I was sure it was sick! Read the rest of this entry »


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