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Editing Day 8

I got nothing done yesterday, and I’m halfway convinced the frightening dream I had yesterday morning was some sort of unconscious punishment for that.  Mostly because the idea is silly as heck.

Anyway, I’m exhausted mentally.  I look at large clusters of words and my vision blurs.  I’m going to recharge as much as possible before the team-editing starts.  I’ll keep you posted.

I recently purchased The Elder Scrolls: Online (when it launched… after playing in the beta and then forgetting I owned it until a few days ago, and have been rewarding myself for making goals with play time).  If anyone is interested in playing with me, look up Vianmil on the Aldmeri Dominion side.  I’m level 17 or 18– I can’t remember, but I have open character slots if anyone wants to find me and play with me.  I make a pretty good healer, apparently, when I don’t run out of mana.

I really just need a good night’s sleep, though.

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Mine, Craft, Farm

As I stared through my tall observation tower and faced the north, I tilted my head to one side.  It felt strange, that I was planning to go out with only a few spare tools and a wooden sword, rather than dozens of torches, tools, and whatever else I could carry.  I glanced back at the glass-surrounded room I built with my own hands.  I was proud, but I wanted to do more.  I wanted to throw danger to the winds, even with my unarmored body and my lone sword.

My home– no, my castle– was incredible.  I had this room– my observation tower.  I had a master bedroom, a guest room, a reception hall, a crafting room with everything included, an underground farm, a second level with beasts, and all the defenses a lowly farmer could create using stone, wood, glass, and some help from my friends. Read the rest of this entry »


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“Adelbert!” The large man at the bar flinched visible at the sound of the calling voice.  A few other patrons looked at him and snickered before they turned to look at the figure who threw the door open as he stomped in.

The newcomer was short, and his tanned face was red with anger. “Adelbert, it’s time to go!”  A small fist flew at Adelbert’s side, too weak to harm him any more than a falling apple from a short height.  The minuscule priest in his blue and white garb looked comically childish as he glared up at Adelbert’s back. Read the rest of this entry »


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