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Day 15

Sorry for the late post– I was celebrating my friend’s birthday.  I drew him a picture that (unfortunately) can’t be shown on WordPress (darn PG-13 rating).  I have not yet begun to write, but yesterday I beat 4k words, and hit the 40k mark.  In order to stave off my last leg blues, I increased my goal to 60k for a bit of a psychological boost, because I’m sick of feeling useless when I pass 40k.  I want to keep going and to do it well, without my apparent fear of success getting in my way.

The very fact that I start struggling emotionally when I pass the 80% mark irritates me so badly.  I want to succeed.  I know I can make a piddly 10k words in 15 days now.  That’s all I have left– maybe twenty if I decide to take the 60k goal seriously.  I hate that when I pass a certain word count, I want to hide and shake, even though I’m nearly done and I’m proud of my work.  The last 10-5k should not be the hardest to write.  I only need a few more scenes, and then to knit everything together into a cohesive story now.

I will succeed.  I will hit 50k very soon.  I just need to get over my urges.

Also, happy birthday to my dear Sput.  If you know rjestudio on tumblr, that’s him, and it’s his birthday today!

Today, my word goal is a 1k minimum, 2k happiness, 3k party, and 4k two new books, because I’m starting so late.

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Le update.

Hello from West Virginia!  My family and I just finished celebrating my belated birthday, and we’ll head home tomorrow.  I figured I’d give an update on my mental state. Read the rest of this entry »

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Vincent Vance (Part II)

Continued from Vincent Vance.

It was two years after the worst year of his life, and the only time he was happy was during the government-required summer camp that lasted all of one month out of twelve.  He had friends there, and he felt that at camp, people approved of him.  He was often quiet and stayed to himself, but one older girl had broken through part of his barriers, and he often refused to leave her side.

He even left his own mother in the dust to be with the girl called Mellie, and at camp, he insisted that his name was not Vincent, but Vinnie– to match his best friend. Read the rest of this entry »


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