Day 19

19 Apr

I managed all of 500 words yesterday thanks partly to the migraine, and partly to just needing some rest due to a series of frightening dreams that left me feeling drained.  Today’s already a lot better.  I’ve written several roleplay replies, gotten some art of Mac’s boyfriend, the sexy Mexican dentist who’s got a heart made of love that he can’t wait to share, and there’s some incoming art of Ricky and Mack together on the way!  I’m super excited to get more of the story told, even if it is difficult to write some of the scenes because they go against the happy end I want.  I need to just remember that things work out in the end for the best, and to write those hard times– without them, the story’s nothing special.

Today, my bare minimum is 1k.  I hope for 1.5k to make up for yesterday, and I get to reward myself if I do 3k and make it to 47.5k total.

Also, everyone with an interest in stories, writing, map-making, world-building, roleplay, and anything related should still check out my website,  If there’s anything missing from there that you think should be included, either join the chat and let me know, or use the contact form (which can be anonymous).  I want to find all the gaps and help the site become the kind of place a writer can go to find a link anywhere for solid writing help, both in-chat and out.


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