Day 17

17 Apr

I made a little over 1k words yesterday, mostly knitting things together from scenes into a cohesive story.  So far it’s going well, and I just need a few more scenes (or to edit in) more of the conflict’s more visual signs.  I’m having a difficult time with that, but I’m going to be editing soon with a friend’s help, and he’s extremely skilled, so I can rely on him to help me with the parts of my novel I’m not so strong with.

Today, I want to add another scene and stop wimping out on writing more love scenes.  Wish me luck, I may need it!  The two books I bought to help with love scenes have proven unhelpful already.  Does anyone know of any good resources for writing love scenes that don’t read awkwardly?

Geez, I’m complaining a lot.

Anyway, I better get writing.  The kid I watch (ugh) is likely to arrive early today, and he likes to watch television.


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