Day 16

16 Apr

I only made 1k last night, but I’m ok with that, because I came up with a pretty cute epilogue.  I can only assume it’s because I wasn’t concentrating on making a lot of words and took a bit of a break.  I didn’t shake at all today, so I shifted my goal back down, and if I pass it and still have more story, I’ll raise it again.  I like winning.

Also, if there’s a discount on Scrivener, I’d like to host a raffle or some sort of giveaway for it on my new site, and that involves winning.

Even if there isn’t a discount on Scrivener, I still want to give away one of my prizes, simply because not everyone wins, and it would be cool to help out someone who didn’t do as well as they hoped.

Anyway, my own writing goals are a shameful minimum of 1k (party’s over, after all), then a good goal is 2k.  3k is serious bragging rights.  I get myself some ebooks at 4k.

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