Day 14

14 Apr

I made 3k yesterday and wrote out a scene that was my writing phobia.  I’m super proud, and the scene is finished so now I just have to fine-tune and move on, and I can forget I ever wrote that out.

And forget I bought two ebooks for the sake of figuring out how to write it, only to put them down because they were either too absurdly laid-out to read, or I already knew everything in them.  At least both were on sale, so I didn’t spend more than five dollars.

Let’s just say that writing a sexual scene as an asexual-spectrum writer feels awkward and a little gross, especially knowing the motivations behind both parties are less than noble.  But enough about that, this is a PG-13 website.

(By the way, for anyone reading, asexuals just people who are not attracted sexually to people.  There’s a whole spectrum from demi/grey-sexual to fully asexual, and we are capable of performing sex acts, but we don’t feel driven to take part like other sexual orientations might.)

Sorry for the above, I just know there are people out there who won’t know what it means in relation to human sexuality, and the wikipedia article can be a lot to take in at once.

Anyway, back to writing and story.  Today, my absolute minimum to accomplish will be 2k words.  I will be pleased as heck if I make 3k.  I will buy myself a research ebook if I make 4k.  I feel confident I will make 3k today, since the slump seems to have left me.  To all the other writers from the NaNoWriMo Chatzy, may the word wars be with you!

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