Day 11

11 Apr

Today is Camp NaNoWriMo’s donation drive (called Camp Search Party).  Unfortunately, I can’t afford to donate– but I would like to take this opportunity to ask that if anyone reading this has extra cash they don’t need, and would like to help an organization that encourages writers, please read up on the Office of Letters and Light and their NaNoWriMo and Camp NaNoWriMo programs.

On the topic of my own writing, I’m rather proud– last night, I managed 1k words within a half hour in order to fulfil my daily goal.  It was surprisingly easy, once I realized the time, to get writing.  Sometimes I just need a kick in the pants!  Today, I hope to make 2,500 words minimum, and make some headway on that pesky middle portion of my book, where my main character falls for the title character.  I’m a little sad that I’ve run out of scenes that involve the poly relationship group, but that was bound to happen, given that the poly relationship breaks up.

Sorry, I’m rambling.  I got maybe four hours of sleep last night.  Hopefully I can finish my words early today and take a nice nap, or at least curl up with a book about writing.  I bruised my ankle biking in the rain to get these reference books, so I really should read them.

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