Day six!

06 Apr

Didn’t sleep well last night, but I’m not letting that stop me.  It just means I need to turn to the NaNoWriMo chatzy and do word sprints and word wars to get myself going, rather than relying solely on myself.  I got more words in last night than my goal, though, so that makes today easier despite my fuzzy brain, and now that I have Scrivener set up how I like it again, writing is going smoothly, and I can select things for editing later without interrupting myself too much.

Just today, I decided that my MC and his ex are going to start working on getting back together and sorting through whe event that separated them before the car crash that changes everything.  This way, the MC has more conflict to deal with while he’s in a different world, dealing with seduction attempts from a strange woman.

I accidentally forgot to hit post on this, but it’s now four hours after I typed that.  My goal for the day is 18k, and I’m getting very close! Only eighty words to go for that one, and then a few more to meet the 2500 word goal for the day.

Not bad for someone who isn’t well-rested at all.  I’m quite proud of myself, and as a reward when I finish, I want to buy myself a reference book from my wish list– probably the sex thesaurus from amazon, because I’m very weak at sexy scenes, and they will very likely be involved in this story (how naughty!).

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