Day Five – Still Alive!

05 Apr

I had such a fun time doing 3k yesterday.  I did multiple word wars and races with others, and the competition really helped me push forward through some rough spots.

I also may have written a few unneeded scenes that were super cute.  My only regret is that while I was writing a rather intimate scene during a race, my mother came into my room demanding any dirty dishes I forgot to put back in the kitchen.  Oops!

Regardless of the close encounter of the weird kind, I’m really proud of myself, and I’ve nearly hit my goal for today of writing a total of 15k words– averaging 3k a day!  I hope I can keep up the steam this time.  I don’t feel tired now that I’ve grown a bit more accostomed to writing out such emotional scenes, at least.

Today, I’m less than 200 words from reaching my goal, and then I’m going to soak up stories and browse the writing resource books on Amazon, and then I’m going to start thinking very hard about collecting those resource books and writing reviews of them for my upcoming site– which is up now, and has its own chat room on Chatzy.  The site has a nice, easy URL to remember:  I hope to see people there.  I’ll be called “Mooce” in the chat, so if you don’t see Face, don’t fret.  I’m there!

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