20k Words Complete, Excerpt Incoming

08 Nov

Yep, I’m celebrating by posting a bit more of the story.  Enjoy!

The Spire itself, ahead, was a massive tower. It was rumored that in the highest room, priests sang to the sun until they died in hopes they might pass on valuable knowledge to nearby scribes.

She saw one of the notes once. It was rubbish. Something about cries for a father, tears of a young mother, and the taunting vengeance of a child. None of it made sense.

The massive white erection, that was really the best thing to call it, was a bit of an eyesore, but it was a religiously important one, she was sure. Certainly agriculturally important– otherwise food wouldn’t arrive as quickly to the city below. “Get your things, then catch up to us.” She couldn’t believe she was saying it. Then again, if her and Caitelle moved quickly enough, and his things were hidden well enough, she wouldn’t have to deal with him any longer– they’d lose him!

Kainic looked back. “Yes, Sery!” He waved, then trotted toward the wide entrance.

Once he was out of sight, Sery grabbed Caitelle and darted forward, the smaller girl struggling behind her.

They slowed, and Sery panted as her heart beat against her ribs. “I think that got rid of him.”

“Sery! Caitelle!” The voice from behind them was too familiar. Sery grimaced as she looked back. There he was. Bastard. He was faster than they were, to catch up so quickly.


“You were trying to leave me behind.”


“You really don’t like me at all.” He sighed.

Sery scowled. “Not particularly.”

He tilted his head, still squinting.

She wanted to grab his eyelids and yank them open, give him a good look at the brightness of day.


“You’re a creep.” Her tone was sharp, sharper than intended, and for that she was glad.

His face fell, and Caitelle awkwardly patted his shoulder. “I think that’s enough, Sery.” She shook her head. “If he’s planning to come with us, and wants to this badly, we can at least take advantage of another pair of hands and another back. Let’s… just have lunch.”

Sery scowled. “Fine. If he screws us over, he’s getting left on a tree. I’m good at pinning people to trees, usually by the clothes, but for him I might-”

“Enough, Sery!”

The archer stopped and blinked at Caitelle. “Fine. Yes. He can come.” She shook her head. “Lunch. Let’s have lunch.”

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