Pagian Bounty: Excerpt

04 Nov

Here’s an excerpt, since I’m assuming the likes and new follows mean people want that. ┬áPlease enjoy my main character, Sery, as she makes her first appearance.

Sery darted to the kitchen. She knew she forgot something! The lunches, sitting in their boxes, both sitting there. She grabbed both by the handles and winced as she felt the food inside shift. Bad timing. So much bad timing. The young woman shoved each over the shoulder of a boy– both her half-brothers. “You two go now. Hurry up. Don’t run in the hall, and don’t give your teachers lip.” She reminded. It was their first day off a break. As she watched them go, she paused, noticing no less than three braids in the elder’s hair. “And pull the braids out before you arrive! I’m sorry!”

The boy hopped sideways toward the school as he fought with her braids, and Sery sighed. “I’m going to get another memo from the teachers.” She groaned into her hand, then turned to re-enter the small home, only to pause as she spotted someone approaching in the yellow lantern light.

The stranger, not truly a stranger, but she didn’t know his name, was a messenger from Embelle, she knew. “What does her Holiness need?” She asked, hurriedly turning toward the man. When Embelle said jump, there wasn’t time to ask how high.

“She wants you in her office in an hour.” He answered breathlessly. “I’ll tell her you’re on your way. Better hurry. She looked pleased.”

Sery winced, then hurried inside to dress. She had closer to a half hour, she was sure. She yanked on a tunic, some pants, a belt, and the surcoat of the Church. Boots half on, she hurried out the door, hopping in an effort to get to one of the ride points. If she sprinted the whole way, she might make it.

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