NaNoWriMo 2014: The Day Before

31 Oct

I forgot it was Halloween, I’m so excited.  My outline’s in shambles, my characters need work, I don’t have a climax, my foot’s impaled by a fork.

Rhyming aside, I’m a mess!  I’m a giddy mess, though.  This year, instead of rewriting an existing story (like The Sand Flea from last year), I’m doing something I’ve not written about before– heroic tale of adventure, a party of three, and a sun god and a moon goddess at odds!  Sounds just so cliche, right?  Too much for me.  So, I’ve made my Sun God an immature jerk.  The Moon Goddess represents cultural and creative stagnation.  The heroic party?  Their church sends them to kill an innocent for political reasons, and they’re capable enough to manage it without much screwing up.  Problem is, they figure out he’s an innocent much too quickly– and they also kill him much too soon.  Now I need to figure out what to do with a bunch of disgusted heroes to bring about some big conflict that ends with either disaster or a “New World Order” sort of deal.  I may end up involving the Father God who created everything, but that seems like it’d be cheap since he’s never mentioned anywhere else (completely forgotten about by his own creations).

Even with all this bullcrap, I’m raring to start!  Thankfully, I seem to be obsessed enough with this world, I’ll keep plotting the future while writing.  If not? I shall pants it.

My personal goal this time is 2.5k words a day, up from 2k a day last year.  I want to make a LOT of buffer, especially with so many cool things being released this November.  I must not get distracted!

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