NaNoWriMo 2014

23 Sep

Fall has come, and all over America, you can smell “Pumpkin Spice”.

Especially in many lattes.  My nose, it is assaulted!

Anyway, I come to you, this twenty-third of September with the following words:

I stopped writing here.  You likely already knew this.  One thing I’ve learned from doing this insane writing thing last year: don’t burn out.  I was starting to feel it when I stopped, and so I decided to just let it go for now.  Instead of panicking and trying to push myself so close to November, I will concentrate on enjoying stories, letting myself choose one to tell, and learning new ways to write.

So, yet again, my beloved blog will gather cobwebs for a little while, but not to fear!  I’ll be back when next I need it.  Take care, and fantasize on!

Oh, also, before I depart, I’ve made an adult blog.  It’s on Tumblr.  I’m not going to link it, but I will warn about it: not everything there is safe, legal, or normal.  In fact, nearly none of it is.  Do not try any of those things at home.  To figure out the URL, just remember that I’m FaceMeetsPalm everywhere, and love plays on words.

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