Camp NaNoWrMo – Sixth Update

07 Apr

Yesterday, I finished early thanks so some buffer I had.  My mood is better, and I feel more confident in my ability finish this insane project.  I even had some time to play World of Warcraft with some friends!

Today is warm-ish, and though it’s overcast, the air around is pleasant.  I’ve got my coffee shop sounds going alongside my most whiplash-filled playlist, and I’m about to check the website for a pep talk to get those juices flowing just a little bit better.

… Oops, I finished today’s word goal.  Good talk.  Here’s your resource, delayed as it may be.

Linked right from the official website, these are a life saver.  Browse until you see something that you think applies, open, read, and feel like you can wrestle a mountain bare-handed… and win!  They aren’t for everybody, but I find them extremely helpful.  A few of my favorite (still living) authors have written pep talks, even!


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