Camp NaNoWriMo – Fifth Update

06 Apr

Day six dawns with a fresh new start.  I’ve reduced my goal because, in the end, Camp NaNo is supposed to be fun.  It’s still up from November, however, and with a more attractive-looking daily writing goal (such a nice, evenly-divisible number), I’m not only ahead, but I feel less stressed.

Yes, The Sand Flea is still going to be longer, and it’s still got a lot of work to go, but with my new writing program, I can more easily edit, and I’m not worried.  Needless to say, some things have changed since the ten/twenty-part story I wrote out here, but I’m fine with that.  The core characters are still the same at their heart, even if some circumstances and attitudes have changed.

But enough of that– on to what you really want– resources!  This one is from Tumblr.

I followed this blog some time ago, and I have never been disappointed by the posts, the answers, or the countless resources they link.  Their answers to sent questions are polite and knowledgable, and they choose their words carefully on topics that might cause undue stress.  I check posts by them often when I’m bored, just to absorb more knowledge.

There are even links to people who are willing to beta-read, and a beta-reading FAQ!  Overall, it’s definitely the place to go for a bit of extra help when google fails– which is sadly often when it comes to writing.

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