Camp NaNoWriMo – Fourth Update

05 Apr

Yesterday’s performance was abysmal, so today I picked up my No Plot, No Problem book and started reading for a well-needed mindset change.

Needless to say, I was better able to exit Tumblr today, and will immediately turn off my skype, launcher, utorrent, and extra browser windows/tabs and get to work.

Before that, I have a resource, though!

Seventh Sanctum is brought to you by Stephen Savage, and it is one of the first resources I used when I began to write– way back when the most words I wrote was for a roleplay.  It’s filled to the brim and beyond with character randomizers, story prods, location namers, and more things than I can list without running out of breath.

The comment section is well-moderated, and Mr. Savage himself is polite and easy to contact.  I almost contributed a generator of my own to his site, save that my coding skills were absolute crud!

Overall?  Use it to stir your mind if you need to, or just to waste time creatively thinking about “Wait, how would that work?”

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