Ok, I lied.

02 Dec

Yep, another post about NaNoWriMo– it’s over.

It’s over, and the rough draft of Ask’s updated story is complete.  Editing has begun, and it is proving a bit darker than the original in the beginning– but also has more delicious information and even some background on why Ask is in Njolr at all.

As a tiny bit of a spoiler,Ask gets sent flying off a cliff.

Not much of a spoiler, is it?

Not only does December 1st mark the end of a month of insane writing, it ends the fervor with which Ask has constantly screamed at me for all these months.  He’s still there, of course– he has another story to tell me, even.  Right now, he’s just nursing a sore throat and sucking down cough drops with me and asking why I keep chucking used tissues at him.

December first also marks the anniversary of my beloved blog– the very thing that prepared me to win my first NaNoWriMo in both quality, quantity, and learning how to just get on with it.  During the process of both my blog and November, I learned (and cemented) a very important concept: The best way to feel encouraged is to find someone who is feeling discouraged, and encourage them.  Bully them a little bit.  Tell them that they have all the power they need to do the thing they think they can’t do.  By the time they start to feel encouraged and pepped up, so will a certain writer.

Oh my god.

It has been a year since I started this blog, hasn’t it?

Excuse me while I have a drink to celebrate not only one project, but two that haven’t crashed and burned.

Also, huge important thing– all of you lovely people who nudge my view charts up, who press like, who comment or favorite or whatever– everyone who has at all supported me?  Thank you.  My emotional breakdowns would have crippled my writing without knowing that there was someone somewhere who occasionally read what I wrote.

Thank you.

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