The last NaNoWriMo post for now.

25 Nov


I have completed the thing.  Ask’s story has reached 50,000 words, and all that remains in the telling is adding some scenes, melding details from both versions, and then getting all of the big editing done, followed by all the requirements of publishing.  I’m going for a physical book, if I can, with real pages, as well as an e-book.  I want both, because I want to know that the most possible people are going to curl up in a warm nest of their own creation with the story of Ask, and they’ll read it on their kindles, nooks, hardbacks, paperbacks, tablets, and perhaps even a few pirated copies for those who can’t afford it through legal means.

Anyway!  This is a huge milestone for me, and it’s taken one rough week to wrap up the minimum word count goal.  Seriously– it was rough.  Some days I only managed a measly 500 words.

Now, I feel very free, so– time to buckle down!

Once I reward myself, of course.


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2 responses to “The last NaNoWriMo post for now.

  1. Becky Flint-Fike

    November 25, 2013 at 01:13

    Very proud of you, dear! I KNEW you could do it! As a fellow writer, there will be days when hammering out more than 500 words is all you can muster, but there will be days you blow that tally out of the water, too, so KUDOS!!!


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