NaNoWriMo Update

06 Nov

Well, faithful readers (holy crap, you guys are still giving me views), I have an update on the writing front!

I’m not a complete failure at the NaNo!  I’m a little bit ahead because I’ve been insisting on doing 900 words extra each day (minimum) for the sake of getting some buffer built up for the holidays.  My current count of 14,109 words is entirely thanks to this blog.  Without learning how to sit my keester (my spell check has got to be lying to me) down and write, I would not have made it this far.  Without The Sand Flea infecting me through this blog, I would have no story.

Without you lovely people who read this thing despite its deadness (you necrophiliacs, you), I wouldn’t feel that extra little push of peer pressure that helps me get things done.

Right now, I’m completely rewriting The Sand Flea.  So far, much is similar, and after editing, I’m going to work with my beloved editor and best friend, and work out how to make this novel version suck less.  Then, I’m going to hunt down one of my friends that is awesome at murdering stories with editing, let that friend go crazy, and work more from there.

Eventually, I will get this published, and when I do… well, the people who follow this blog will be the first I tell about it (other than the people who overhear my wild squealing over my book coming out in print).

If I can, I’ll try to figure out a discount for people who come to this humble blog, as well!

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