22 Aug

Ok, rundown time.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been seeing Minecraft everywhere, and have become obsessed with a song called Cube Land.  Finally, a few hours ago, I gave in and started (yet another) world.

Surprise!  I called it New World.  I spawned on a beautiful grassland, where I guessed that many of my needs would be met naturally.  Almost immediately, I pulled up notepad and began to create a journal based on my experiences in this new world.

Another surprise: the persona I typically use in Minecraft was entirely absent, and in its place, his son– a strangely calm, cautious young man who is obsessed with tidiness.

Right now, he’s just starting his fourth day in-game, and already he has a small home, torches, a furnace, a bed, a crafting table, a small chest, and not a single death in this world.  His home is between a pool of surface lava and a small pond, and all around are gently-rolling hills, trees, sheep, and wide open spaces.

This is far from my first time playing, but it’s my first time playing with an alternate persona.

I see why so many people become addicted now.

Save me.

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