Hiatus– for real this time.

19 Aug

I was laying in bed and unable to sleep when I came upon this thought: I’m more than two weeks behind.  The problem is, this isn’t the first time.  I don’t even feel bad about it anymore.  I just feel empty.  This led me (eventually) to the conclusion that I need to just stop and let my mind, which feels like a barren, burnt husk, recover from the strain I have been putting on it to try to write every day.

My decision came with surprising ease: I am going to stop trying.  I am going to take a break.  I am going to relax.  I am going to let the ideas come to me.  I am going to come back to my beloved blog when I don’t have to force myself to come up with new ideas that keep their excitement, rather than dulling once I’m only a fourth of the way through the story.

I started this blog to improve myself, and to use fun ideas I hadn’t been doing anything.  I needed to have some fun and write what I loved.  I have done this, and now I need to collect more stories.

So, for now, I say to everyone reading this: take care, keep being awesome, and hopefully I’ll have my writing cap on again soon so I can write all the more stories.

Thank you, everyone.  Every view, every like, every comment has been so very encouraging.  I feel like I’ve improved drastically since my first post (which I cringe upon reading!), and I feel like I’ve begun to find my own personal writing style.

Also, please forgive the rambling.  It’s late at night, I’m feeling emotional about writing this, and I need to wake up in three hours to watch Charles in the morning.


Please, feel free to contact me at facemeetspalm(at), or through any other means you can find me (googling me will net you lots of choices!).  I’ll happily answer anything asked of me, and if you want to send me prompts or writing guides to help me out, I’ll save them and possibly share them on here for all to see!

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