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20 Jun

Well, the last while has been rough for me– a new schedule of childcare, a bout of depression that my writing has not yet recovered from, and more chaos as all three children enter summer vacation.  I have every intention of catching up, even though it’s hard.  My mind feels like it’s extremely drained.

I made a realization and a decision that will lighten my load and give me some time every week to recharge.  I’ve realized that, even in my own eyes, my writing has improved significantly.  This was one of my goals, and I have decided that I want to keep going, but I will eliminate weekends from my challenge.  Certainly, I’m more busy during the week, but my busy mornings help me write more than my empty weekends, and I can use that time to delve into movies, games, time with friends, and essentially ‘recharge’.  The only writing I want to do then, once I’m caught up, are stories I’ve missed throughout the week.

Regardless of the logic behind this, I feel as though I’m cheating myself, but also relieved.  I love my blog, and I love writing.  I love each unsolicited view I get, as well as those I ask for, because they mean somewhere in the world, someone was willing to spend a minute or two here.

This blog will not be stopped, rest assured.  The progress I’ve made will not be stopped.

I will still live by ‘a person must write each day in order to call himself a writer’.  It might not be a lot, but I will write, and my words will not fail me.


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2 responses to “Updates from the Author

  1. PoppyPalindrome

    June 20, 2013 at 18:14

    Hey, chickadee. I just wanted to let you know how insanely proud I am to call you a writer pal of mine. Writing every day is no small feat, and it’s something I definitely can’t do, but you’ve stuck to it for almost a whole year now. I’m seeing a lot of improvement in your writing and it’s a really awesome process to watch. You’re an inspiration to me, and no doubt to whoever else sees this blog. This is an awesome example of what a writer ought to do with their time and efforts.

    In all this, though, don’t forget that you do need some breaks. Life happens. Make sure you write in some time for breathing, too.

    Stay awesome. <3

    • FaceMeetsPalm

      June 20, 2013 at 19:12

      Aw. Damnit, I have happy tears now. I can’t write in these feelsy conditions!

      But seriously, it does mean a lot to hear that from you. Hopefully, my skill will only go up, and I’ll be able to write more stories– including more about my current focus, Ask.

      You stay awesome, too. =)


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