Sex and Ice Cream

04 Jun

A day off!  For most of the day, Melanie had no idea what to do with herself.  The blonde felt lazy, bored, and horny. She paused as she stared at the clock.  She was hungry, too.  Hungry for something sweet and cold, and not too hard to get.

Finally, she pried herself from her bed and pulled on some comfortable clothes– a hoodie on top of nothing, some underwear, a miniskirt, and a pair of fun, clompy boots that had shiny buckles.  It still felt like dressing was too much work, but the nice police men hated for her to do as she liked in public.

She didn’t bother with her usual makeup, nor with earrings or even a passing attempt at taming her naturally-messy hair.

Oh well.  She grabbed her car and apartment keys, her wallet, cell phone, and a pair of large sunglasses, just in case she wanted to dodge a client– as unlikely as that was.

She headed out of the building’s basement and to her car.  It was neither very large, nor very small, and the seats were soft.  Despite her wealth, she refused to get the seats in leather, and so everything inside was covered in a soft cloth that wouldn’t burn a person’s rear if they sat after it was left out of the shade on a hot, sunny day.  The drive was short and uneventful, and she quickly parked at the first place that advertised food… even though it was ice cream.  She didn’t want to drive longer than she had to.

With a yawn, she walked inside and waited in line until her turn.  Everything seemed to take too long and take too much effort.

Absently, she wondered if the unusually warm weather was causing today’s laziness.  Her choice in clothing was proving too warm, and she grabbed the front of her hoodie and pulled it away from her neck. “Sweaty boobs.  Not looking forward to that.” She glanced around and bit her lip.  The line seemed even longer, despite the pair of concerned parents who were leading their young child away.  A few other parents shifted to hide their children from the outspoken woman, but she ignored them and simply waited in line.

The wait was uneventful and boring.  She played on her cellphone.  There were too many people present.  Next time, she thought it might be better to just get something from the grocery store.

Her game grew boring before she even played five minutes, and she exited it mid-level of bejeweled, despite getting a super-shiny kill-all gem.

It seemed like an eternity before her turn in line, and by then, she forgot what she wanted.  Quickly, she ordered the first thing that came to mind. “I’ll have an orange sorbet vanilla swirl flurry with gummy bears and gummy worms.”

For a moment, the poor kid behind the counter stared. “Here or to go?”

“To go, please.” She nodded and pulled out some money, as well as enough for a tip.

The clerk nodded and jotted down her order, then handed it off as she paid for her ice cream.  She paused, wondering if she could alter her order, but decided to be nice.  Her order was already weird enough that the kid she was handing her money to looked very spooked.  It was kind of cute…

Once she finished paying, she moved aside to let the next person order while she waited for her ice cream.  It arrived overflowing as a customer of hers handed it over.  He looked directly into her light, copper-colored eyes with his own brown eyes, and his smile was confident, even cocky.

“Oh, thank you, Bobby!” She laughed.

“You’re welcome.” He nodded. “Where you headed?”

“Oh, the park, I think.  That, or back to my apartment.  Probably my apartment.” She yawned. “It’s too hot for going anywhere.”

He laughed. “You’ll go to the park.”

She blinked, them smiled. “Oh?  Why is that?”

“Because I get off work in two hours.”

Melanie laughed. “You’re getting transparent, Bobby.  What if I’m not in the mood?”

The man grinned. “Then I’ll be left all alone with nobody to take care of me.”

“No fair, wording it like that.” She laughed. “Bye, Bobby.” She walked out and yawned.  She really wasn’t in the mood, but she could feel the need to go to the park despite that.  She got into her car and started to eat her ice cream as she thought about where to go.

If she went home, she would surely sleep the day away.  If she went to the park, she’d have to sit in the heat for two hours, and then participate in physical activity.  She ate her fruity ice cream monstrosity as she thought.

The real question was this: sex or sleep?

To any other person, the answer would have been easy.  Melanie, however, loved both equally, and with the heat, it was even harder to decide, strangely enough– especially after Bobby gave her such an intense stare and almost ordered her to go to the park and wait for him.

Her mind churned both options slowly, until she finally decided.  She set her cup of ice cream, down to half now, in the cup holder and pulled her key from her purse.  She turned the key to turn it on, and turned it farther to start the engine before she released.  She shifted gear to reverse and backed out of her parking spot as she looked out for traffic.

She turned out of the lot and headed south.  In her cup, the ice cream she came for was beginning to become softer than it needed to be, and it all melted together into an unflattering mess.  A few gummy works stuck up here and there, frozen by the cold treat.

Finally, she arrived at her destination– well, almost.  She turned to an off-road and drove into the parking lot.  Driving slowly, she found a parking space and stopped.  A shift of the gears, and a removal of her key, and she grabbed her ice cream with a smug smirk.

Bobby would have to go elsewhere to get his sex fix.  She had a date with her bed for some quality nap time.

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