Mother’s Day

12 May

From about nine until one, I slept on and off.  I didn’t want to wake up– my bed was too comfortable.  Various times, people tried to wake me, but I resisted until Chibi informed he she would pee in my bed if I didn’t let her out.  I sat up long enough for her to escape, then laid back down, content to continue my crazy dreams of a strange sports arena that involved eating a lot of gummy snacks in a race (as a girl) and then changing into a flat-chested, large-penised (is that a word?) partial hermaphrodite and getting sucked off by a blonde, youthful someone who was somehow related to me.  It looked to me like a girl from a music video– a Japanese cartoon girl.

Regardless of my wishes, however, Charles crawled up onto my bed, and the dreams fled.  They had been so real, despite their oddness, that for a moment, I thought I had a purse filled with gummies that were each three inches long, save two that were shaped like women in dresses that I had stolen for Charles, because he liked princesses.

For a short time, Charles and I laid side by side, before he got bored and climbed down before he dashed off.  With a groan, I sat up and just stared ahead, trying to cope once more with the fact that my dreams, no matter how realistic, weren’t true.

As Chibi came back from the bathroom, I slid from my bed and began to dress.  I had a vague recollection that I went to the bathroom earlier in the morning, so didn’t bother going again.  Once I was dressed, I carried my laptop up.  At some point, someone had come down to tell me that Mom needed someone to watch the kids while she napped.

Only once everything was set up, did I realize what day it was, and I dashed downstairs to fetch some peeps I’d been holding onto.  I delivered them to Mom with a happy mothers’ day wish, and returned to my computer to reconnect with the world while Charles played in the livingroom, Junior read in his room, and Janelle did her own thing in her room.

Dream forgotten, I let my brain go numb by advertising rooms and roleplay on f-list.  I got a few hits for the rooms, but no hits for anything personal.  Bored, I began to check my forums and chatted there for a couple hours.

Eventually, I got bored and browsed youtube for new mood-setting songs to help my writing, and stared at WordPress for a while before I checked forums and chatrooms again.

Finally, Mom woke up and rushed us all off to my grandparents’ farm to deliver Mothers’ Day wishes.  It went well, and I snagged a few chocolates from their stash after socializing for a time, and we left less than fifteen minutes after we arrived.

During the ride back, I was spacing out and messing with my phone, trying to get a game to load, when I heard from the back seat “Charles, don’t scratch me!” from Chibi.  As I listened, Charles became more and more violent, until he pulled off his seatbelt.  Mom stopped, and when it was on again, she started the car again.  As I heard him hit my friend again, I asked her to stop so I could trade places with Chibi, and she obliged.  We traded seats, and I restrained Charles’ arms.

The rest of the ride was filled with six year old screams and futile attempts at violence.  I bore with it through a gas station stop and the rest of the drive, until we arrived home and Mom had to leave to fill a prescription.  Chibi and I stayed upstairs and let Charles throw a fit safely in the living room until Mom returned home, drugs in hand.

Finally, the pair of us withdrew to my bedroom for some Minecraft.

I started my own server, but it lagged too much to be any fun for anyone, and we shifted back to our normal server, where we discovered that someone had been meddling with our construction, and began to rage.

Once we calmed down, we began to play as normal, with some building, exploration, and the grand discovery of pigs for my indoor farm.  All I needed was chickens, now, and I would be set!  I had no idea what I planned to do after that, other than keep expanding my fortress-farm until I could sleep without the warning that there were monsters nearby.

Mom called me one last time for the day, asking if there was a new internet password.  I told my friends I would be back shortly, and lazily walked upstairs to her room, where she was laying in bed, waiting for me.  With just a few taps of her screen, she had internet again, and we chatted for a short time.

She was happy she heard from all of her children today– Olivia, Carlos, Kristi, Bip, and I.  Playfully, she admitted that I was the best.  I asked if it was because I was the one that stayed, and she told me it was because I knew her so well, and still loved her.  We both laughed, and I headed downstairs, happy my mom wasn’t entirely disappointed with her Mothers’ Day.

The night progressed, and I texted back and forth with Mom about plans to visit a cafe tomorrow.  I wanted to catch up, and Chibi had been pestering me for the past week to get out of the house.  With plans finalized, I wrote about my day while I absently chatted with Chibi.  When my writing was nearly finished, we went upstairs for a drink before bed.

When I glanced at the temperature.  It was a nice thirty three degrees, so I hurried out the door to enjoy the coolness.  Despite a week of eighty degree weather, my body was still more accustomed to winter and early spring weather.  I wanted some low seventies instead.  After watching the big dipper from the back porch, I finally went back inside and downstairs, intent on some sleep.

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