Ice Cream

10 May

Mom arrived home in a rush.  Dinner was almost ready– only the rice was left.  I made sure nothing was amiss, other than that, because I knew of a portion of her day already.

Her texts were filled with an unhappy, business-like manner when she informed me that Janelle was having a meltdown and screaming.  Charles was only slightly better.  Strangely enough, Junior was the only one who didn’t have any problems.

Mom arrived in a flurry of stress and tension.  Janelle was pleasant, but I avoided her and instead just ate my dinner and went back to my ‘cave’ in the basement.  Mom called me back up for emotional support as she sent Janelle to her room and dealt with Charles’ bath.  She said she wanted someone upstairs who was on her side, and I brought up my laptop and helped her put Charles to bed.

Once she began reading stories, I repaired a window outside, then moved myself downstairs for the night as she went to bed early.  I had no plans to start playing nice with Janelle for a while, and didn’t want to look at her– Mom didn’t either, after how she was treated by the brat.

Darkness came outside, and Chibi began to insist we go for a walk to the Spotted Cow, a local ice cream place with heavenly flurries.  I held off until I got to a safe place in my game, and we headed out into the night after I grabbed my wallet, some money from Mom, and Stabby McRipper, my newly-named knife.

The beginning of the walk was nice enough, although we had to speed walk to get to the Spotted Cow before they closed in less than an hour.  During the walk, we delivered several insults to each other, and by the end, I was playfully threatening to end her if the ice cream shop was closed when we arrived.

When we arrived, the place wasn’t as empty as I would have liked, but it was open.  It was a little crowded, in fact, and we had to slowly weave our way to the counter from the back door.  I double-checked my money amount, then decided on my order, and to join the loyalty program because my mom and I often got flurries there.

Once Chibi placed her order, I placed mine for a hot fudge, marshmallow, and gummy bear flurry.  She ordered a strawberry shortcake flurry.  After a few minor difficulties with one of the new hires who handled our order, we shifted to one side to wait for our treats.

Mine was runny when it arrived, and I quickly decided that the next time, I would forgo both fudge and marshmallow, in favor of adding gummy worms.  Chibi seemed satisfied, and for a time, we ate there.

My aching legs were getting restless, though, and stupidly, I decided we should start walking back when I was halfway finished with my ice cream.  We carried our large cups out and chatted as we walked, and I tried to teach Chibi how to walk slowly and take her time.  While we walked, we talked about the events that took place in a shared multiverse we created for fun during 2007, the first year of college for both of us.

Our shared multiverse was centered by her space ship, the Black Phoenix, and its crew, and by my mad scientist who has invaded much of the world with her child army, BC Corp.  From that part, there are multitudes of other universes that are joined together.  There’s the world where the supernatural hunters live and work from, there’s a world called Kayla’s World that’s a little bit similar to Minecraft in that it’s got lots of monsters, exploration, and building that can be done.

So many other worlds and universes exist, as well.  There’s Racia and Darken, the ice and fire planets, respectively.  Most worlds are unnamed, however, and will likely remain that way.

We were halfway home when I called a pause at a funeral home.  We continued to chat, our topic focusing in on a camp full of children that were descended from a race we created, unoriginally called demigods, or demis for short.

The first demi, a greater demi, got his powers from a god.  He gave similar powers to three others, in exchange for those three to use the huge burst of energy in order to kill all of the world’s gods.  All three went a little crazy.  One became depressed, one became a ‘part time grim reaper’, and the final became a mad scientist with no grasp of the boundary between acceptable mad science and playing god.

From those three, either through experiments or breeding, they founded the race of demigods.

Each demigod must ascend to their power before they reach thirty, or they will die.  Usually, puberty sets off this reaction, but there are exceptions where help is required for survival.

The discussion at that time was centered around a summer camp for demi children, with an age range of three to twenty-four.  It’s government run, high security, and has special activities that encourage the kids to ascend while they are at camp, to ensure optimum safety for the kids.

As we chatted about this world, and a new child who was found in a plexiglass box at the bottom of the lake, we got up again and began to walk the rest of the way home.

My legs ached, and my cheeks were hot.  I was sure my face was red.  Keeping up with habitual speed-walkers was a pain, I reflected as I huffed and tried to tell her to slow down.  She paused and looked back, then stopped to wait for me.

We arrived home at nearly eleven, and both of us were overheated and exhausted.  I didn’t even care enough to take a shower– I just stripped and put on my pajamas, then played minecraft for a short while to cool down before I forced Chibi to bed, then climbed in beside her and promptly fell asleep.

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