Dance Break!

01 May

I feel like shit doing this, but I need a break.  Next time I’m caught up, I will begin making a list of days I miss and just not worry about writing.  All of my ideas of late are less than fragments, and they refuse to come together, even when I apply super glue, hot glue, or spit.

I estimate my break will take a week, two at most.  Any longer, you can assume I fell into a hole, and I urge you to please HARASS ME THROUGH ANY MEANS POSSIBLE.

Stalk me and figure out how I died.  Maybe avenge me, even.  That would be awesome.  Make sure you use a tuning fork at some point, as well.  Oh, and wear a top hat, just so I know it’s for me.

Back on topic, when my break is over, I hope to have absorbed enough new knowledge and information for my brain to make new connections.  I’ll spend the time watching new things, reading, gaming, and wandering around wherever my feet take me.  What better ways are there to get new ideas to smash together?

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