Your Brains are Delicious and Nutritious

21 Feb

We could hear moaning outside.  Aunt Lisa drilled another screw in place, just as something slammed against the door.    The boards held.  She panted and looked at all of us. “Ok, kids.  That’s the last door.” She forced a smile at us.

We all knew this was a last stand that we were unlikely to survive.  We had food enough to last us two weeks, if we didn’t eat much.

The moans and pounding continued, and the littlest one, my sister, began to sob in fear.  Aunt Lisa picked her up swiftly and soothed her, but it was too late.  The pounding came faster, and the moans began to sound desperate.  The door rattled, and shook.

Aunt Lisa pulled a small bag from her pocket.  It was candy-covered poison.  I was the only one old enough to read the label, and knew what she planned.  I couldn’t stop shaking.  She was going to kill us to keep us from being eaten alive!  Her forced smile was painful to look at as she passed the candy out.  She looked me in the eye, as though she wanted to be sure she got a good, long look at me.  I looked right back and took my candy.

I was going to die.  I pretended to eat it, and instead shoved it into my pocket.  The others ate theirs, and she pushed me and the others into a closet with a sturdy, locking door.  She whispered an apology to me, but I could hardly hear it.  I didn’t know why I didn’t eat my candy.

My thoughts were interrupted as I heard her cock her gun.  The others were shaking now.  The poison acted fast, and my nose was quickly assaulted with the smell of their pee and poop.  My brothers, sisters, and cousins were all dead.

Why didn’t I eat my candy?  Did I hope to survive that badly?  If I didn’t eat it, I’d become just like the ones outside!

Shotgun blasts shook me.  Aunt Lisa was fighting now, to buy us kids time to die.  She didn’t have to.  The poison acted faster than the bag said.  I began to shake.  My back was to a wall, and all around me were my dead family.

Something grabbed me, and I peed my pants.

“Ricky…” It was my baby sister calling to me in a weak voice.

I hugged her tightly. “Did you eat your candy?”

“Uh huh.” She was shaking hard, and when she rested her head on my shoulder, my arm became very wet quickly. She smelled bad, just like the others.

The gunshots continued.

I checked my pocket and found my candy.  I put it in her mouth, and she ate it.  She didn’t get stiff and die.  She just shook worse and peed on me.  The smell was making me dizzy.  Her breath smelled really bad, like the ones outside.

The gunshots continued.

My sister dug her little fingernails into me painfully, and a gunshot covered the sound of my whimper.  Why wasn’t she dead?  I checked my other pockets for anything that might help, and found my old pocket knife.  It was dull, but knives could kill people, couldn’t they?

“Ricky.” She choked out, her voice terrified.

“It’s ok.” I tried to reassure her.  I was shaking in terror.  I pressed the knife against her neck and pressed down.  She began to struggle as I sawed the dull edge into her neck  It was very hard, but eventually, I felt her hot blood drench my hand, and she stopped struggling and shaking.

I killed my baby sister.

It was to protect her.

I was a killer now.

Blam!  Another gunshot.  I tried to open the door to ask for another piece of candy, but it was locked.  I banged on it, but Aunt Lisa couldn’t hear me over her gun.

Crash!  The slamming stopped, but the shooting didn’t.  I heard lots of noise outside and gripped my knife tightly.

The shooting stopped, and everything got really quiet.

The ones from outside began to notice the door and began to pound on it.  They could smell us, or maybe they heard my breathing.  I held my breath, but they just tried harder to get in.  They tore the door from its hinges.  I looked up, and I saw my father’s unmistakable beard, bloody and filled with pieces of flesh.

His breath stank.  His eyes were dead.  He was covered in blood and drool.

He looked scary.  His fat belly was wide open, and some of his guts hung out from between the fat.  He began to root through the others.  I was hidden in some shadow.  He tossed the others aside until he found my baby sister.  He sniffed her and began to kiss her cheek and lick her neck clean.

It almost looked loving, until I saw that  ever time he kissed her cheek, he pulled away her skin, and then he chewed and swallowed it.  He was eating her!

I noticed her shaking.

She wasn’t dead yet.

I watched as she clawed at him like an animal, then ate the skin and blood that came off under her fingernails.  She was one of them now!  When did she get bit?  I couldn’t remember her ever getting close to them to get bit.

My belly hurt as I watched them try to eat each other.  I wanted to throw up.  I gulped, and Dad looked at me.  He saw me now.  He dropped my sister, who began to eat our freckled cousin, Kenny.

Dad reached out for me and grinned as he saw me struggle.  I slashed at him with my dull knife, but he didn’t even notice as I cut him.  As I came into the light, I was blinded for a few moments before I saw Mom and some others kneeling around something, eating it.  There were others searching the house.  Each one was bloody and gross.

My shoulder hurt suddenly.  Dad pulled my arm off like he was just pulling a weed out of the garden.  He began to chew and suck at the bloody end as I screamed.  The others looked up and hurried over, and I felt teeth and hands all over my body.  One of them yanked off my lower jaw, and another bit off some of my fingers.  I screamed louder and began to choke on the blood that went down now that my jaw was gone.

I kept screaming until I got tired, and I fell asleep.

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