The Queen and the Killer

21 Feb

Power is all.

This was the creed of the three queens.  Each was a vision of beauty.  The leader of the three was slight and delicate, despite her vast magical strength and speed.  Her right hand was a gorgeous, classy woman, and was rumored to lift houses from the ground for play.  Her left hand was a boyish beauty with long hair and a sweet pout.  This left hand was a master of stealth and the magic of minds and bodies.

Rumor tells that the one who sat in the throne as leader was not only the most powerful of the three, but also the eldest, who brought the other two into power for their deeds done in her service.  Her name was Enrita.  She raised her left hand, Alice, for saving her life.  Her right, Greta, was raised for deeds unknown to any save the other two, and was the youngest.

The story I’m about to tell starts on a clear night like this one.  Living human sacrifices sat at the table of the three queens and ate in silence.  They were spellbound, and among their number, an assassin waited and watched them.  Greta watched the slayer closely with her lovely blue eyes.

Alice continued the spell on the minds of the sacrifices.  She would let none entertain thoughts that dying tomorrow night was unusual in the slightest, or anything worth the effort to avoid.  She had little difficulty.

Finally, as the full moon rose in the sky, Enrita herself appeared.  She looked out at the assembled sacrifices, then paused as she looked at the man sent to kill her and the other two queens.  The orchestral music slowed and stopped as she looked into the man’s unclouded eyes.  He looked back at her, and she took her seat at the head of the table.  On either side, the other two sat down in their respective chairs, and the dinner began.

After dinner, Enrita called the slayer away, and guards gathered the rest and led them to their rather lovely cell. The slayer walked forward, his eyes staring into Enrita’s.

“Enrita, be wary.  His mind refuses my control.” Quiet Alice murmured as she gripped Enrita’s sleeve.  Greta simply shifted herself.  She looked ready to leap to action if anything went amiss.

“I know the dangers.  Leave him as he is unless he tries to harm us.” She looked into the man’s eyes and finally addressed him. “You should not be alive.”

The man smiled and scratched his head, like a boy freshly fallen in love and caught in the act of staring. “Nor should you.  Imagine my surprise when I find out you are my prey.”

She shook her head, a frown fixed on her face. “Leave immediately.”

He looked shocked. “But I only just arrived.”

“I will neither kill you, nor be killed by you.”

“Do you really believe I could bear to hold cold silver to your neck and end your life?” His voice caught.  He looked and acted every bit the innocent, and Enrita believed him.

“Will you protect me from other slayers, then?” Enrita spoke slowly, uncertain.

The man grinned widely. “Absolutely.”

Enrita rose from her seat and took a deep breath. “Then in turn, I will protect you.” She paused as she glanced at Alice. “You disapprove.”

“We both do.” Alice managed as she looked away submissively.

Enrita calmly looked from one hand to the other. “Why?”

“Law states no human, save one marked for sacrifice, may live in our halls, or be in the service of the rulers.” She nibbled her lower lip and ran a pale finger along the side of her hand before she clenched both hands together. “You will be hunted by our own people, who are much stronger than the pitiful humans who enter our halls.”

She frowned thoughtfully, and seemed on the verge of decision when Greta spoke.  The thin, beautiful woman with small breasts and hips, but an air of highest class had a voice best suited for a man trained in the art of opera.  The voice was deep and rich and shocked the slayer into staring openly. “Sister, feed him your blood if you must have him.  Turn him as you were once turned, and he can be your servant.” Her blue eyes looked steady and certain, sure that her idea was the perfect solution.

The eldest queen shook her head. “Not unless he wishes it.”

“I don’t.” The slayer frowned. “I swore an oath during my training, that should ever I become a demon, I will either kill myself, or my very blood will turn on me and end my life for me.”

Horror shook Enrita, and she took a deep breath. “We flee, then.” She looked to the two women who stood at either side of her, and kissed each on the cheek. “I leave everything to you, loved ones.”

Enrita and the slayer left without another word, and the musicians spoke to each other in hushed tones.  The guards remained silent as they watched.  There were many witnesses, and if even one survived, Enrita would not last a week outside the walls before she was slain by one of her own subjects.

Greta clucked her tongue. “So many know my voice now.  We have no choice, truly.”

“Truly…” Alice bowed her head and snared each person within the room as Greta ripped each witness apart with her bare hands.

The scene was bloody when the pair finished their murder, and the two were covered in blood spatter.  They looked at each other, eyes faintly aglow.  They began to laugh, and search for any survivors in the blood bath.

When morning came, none of the three queens were found, and war ensued as demons fought for the three-barbed crown.  A survivor’s soul was ripped back, and he told of Enrita’s betrayal.

The hunt began, and danger followed Enrita and her human lover as they fled on horseback, but despite the danger and the hunt, neither Enrita or her slayer actually saw any of those that pursued them, and settled down far from demonkind, in the land of humans.  Enrita never ate human flesh again, nor drank human blood.

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